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Why Asian American Girl Joined White Supremacist Group

posted by Louis Chan
Ku Klux Klan


(Editor’s Note: The Medium report mentioned in the story below is likely fabricated. See our Mea Culpa. )

By Louis Chan
AsAmNews National Correspondent

A story entitled Why I was an Asian White supremacist published by Medium details the shocking journey of a Taiwanese American girl into the world of neo-Nazis.

Published under the byline of Angie Lee, the story explains how a bullied and ostracized Southern Girl in a small, majority White town learned to hate her own father, her own ethnicity and herself. People called her “ch*nk” and gave her the slant eye. It’s something countless other Asian Americans have gone through, but Angie says her longing for acceptance lead her to make some bad decisions.

“To me, having a White boyfriend would represent the ultimate acceptance into American culture. White culture. It would bring me as close as possible to being a blond haired, blue eyed woman.”

That opportunity happened in high school when she was befriended by a White girl named Kelly.  Kelly’s social circle eventually led to a boy named Brandon, a teen she described as overweight and not athletic.

“I was attracted to Brandon because he was White, and in my mind, his whiteness made him inherently better than my Asianness. Dating him would be an improvement; he was the one who was kind enough, empathetic enough, to date a lowly Asian girl like me.”

Brandon joined a Neo-Nazi group and took Angie with him. Eventually Angie would abandon her own family, call her own father a “ch*nk” and even spit on him.  Her dad tried to stop Angie from leaving the house and going with Brandon, but Brandon pulled out a gun.

“So complete was my self-hate, so intense was my desire to be accepted as White, that I was willing to stand by and cheer while my so-called friends attacked my father. My father. ”

I won’t tell you how this story ends. I post it only to point out how that feeling of otherness can take you down the road of feeling inferior, of rationalizing that you are unworthy, of desiring so badly to be accepted that you would do anything-even join a White Supremacist group.

I’m not making excuses for Angie because she made her own decisions and no one forced her to make them. Obviously not everyone subjected to racial slurs takes the path Angie did.

White supremacists who give Asians a pass from their hatred are no better than those that don’t. Their venom is no less putrid than that of any other Nazis. We must stand against racism of any kind, irregardless of who it directed against. We cannot be co-conspirators in the world of bigotry.

We must be strong, brave and fearless in taking the stand on the side of respect and tolerance.

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  1. Corky Lee says:

    Why Asian American Girl Joined White Suprmacist Group: I hope her parents will caution other parents on the perils of opening a business & living in a Southern predominatly white neighborhood. I think if the author was of the opposite gender, there would have been more dire consequences. I guess she was the only child.

  2. lhamo55 says:

    RE: Why Asian American girl joined White Supremacist Group: I really want to believe this will eventually pan out to be a, um “creative writing experience”, – some of the details when read all together in one place are beyond absurd.

    But I’ll play along and just acknowlege a delusion so powerful that one might not register the hate and mockery lurking behind eyes and grins around the fire, not to hear it during pillow talk and then to think for one moment that their child would miraculously come out blue eyed and blonde without even a single trace of Asian heritage?

    But then I stumbled onto the oxymoronic aryan asian website. I suppose if you’re going to wallow in the mire of self hatred you might as well fetishize yourself to perpetuate your misery.

    I need to go take a shower…

  3. Alex says:

    RE: Why Asian american Girl Joined White Supremacist Group: Her parents should have lived in a place with more Asians. That’s the problem with a lot of Asians. They think becoming rich is more important than having a community.

    As most people know, cities with large Asian populations tend to be more expensive than those white rural towns in the south. Her parents probably thought they could make more money by living in a place with lower living costs.

    If you can’t afford to live in expensive Asian communities located in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, or the LA-Orange County area, you can try Sacramento, CA. The Houston suburb of Sugarland and the Dallas suburb of Plano are also good Asian communities that aren’t too expensive.

    Until us Asian Americans have a strong community, stories like the one posted here will keep on happening.

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