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Being Hapa

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Things Hapas Hear

posted by Sophia Whittemore

By Sophia Whittemore
AsAmNews Intern


Now, let me preface this by saying this is in no means a comprehensive list. I’m not pointing fingers, blaming anybody, or calling any specific person out. I’m simply saying that, as a multiracial person whose mom is also multiracial coming from Indonesia and a father from Minnesota, that you hear a couple things in your life that make you somewhat cringe. Some of the phrases are attacks, some are semi-compliments, and others are just a little off. But no worries, I still believe humanity is largely great. Humanity just gets curious, at times. My job is educating, not shutting down. So, my optimism is still fairly healthy when it comes to my fellow humankind. 🙂

  1. “Where’s your mom from?”
  2. Wait, let me guess. You’re (insert guess here) right? No? Then how about..?
  3. No way that Whittemore’s your last name.
  4. No way that’s your mom.
  5. No way that’s your dad.
  6. No, really, where are your parents?
  7. Are you adopted?
  8. You tan so easily…
  9. You’re really pale.
  10. White nose.
  11. Asian eyes.
  12. Sorry. Don’t date (blank) girls. Though maybe you count…
  13. Is that really your hair color?
  14. Your features are more (insert race)
  15. You speak English?
  16. You know, my child is multiracial too. They look just like you.
  17. You look just like (insert multiracial hapa celebrity)
  18. You’re half, right? I KNEW IT!
  19. Oh, so your mom’s from Indonesia? You must be really smart.
  20. Can’t handle spicy food, huh? ((Hey, I can handle it!))
  21. You like (insert ethnic food here)? No way!
  22. Oh no, I wasn’t talking about you. You’re only half. I meant them.
  23. She speaks Bahasa? WHAT?
  24. Which race do you prefer?
  25. What kind of boys do you date?
  26. Are you going to be a tiger mom?
  27. The cutest babies.
  28. Hapas model. All hapas model.
  29. Have you internalized racism because you’re only half?
  30. You don’t count.

Remember, please be kind to others. No matter who they are. <3

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  1. Ally says:

    RE: Things Hapa Hear: Oh boy can I relate. My favorite (being sarcastic) question I get is
    So what are you? Use to bother me know I just say with a smile I was told I am human? and walk away after!

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