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Dumb Blonde Steps into It Again-And She Doesn’t Care

Jennifer Murphy
By Louis Chan
AsAmNews National Correspondent


In the entertainment industry, some believe bad publicity is better than no publicity at all.
When you have nothing going for you, often times that’s the strategy b-stars often rely on to boost their careers.
Former Apprentice contestant and Miss Oregon Jennifer Murphy apparently believes that.
How else can you explain why one year after Murphy apologized for her I Want to be a Ninja video, she’s resurrected it again?

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The sequel is called Neenja, Time to Meet Chow.

To be fair, Murphy makes fun of herself, throwing in dumb blonde jokes.
Her characterization of the ninja Chow, while it may be offensive to some, doesn’t bother me.
What’s nauseating is her use of a pidgin accent anytime she sings about Chow.
It’s the whole Asians are foreigners stereotype that gets to me.
Unlike the sexy French accent or the scholarly English accent, the Asian accent has been used for cheap laughs and ridicule since the early days of Hollywood.
This is what Murphy said a year ago after the original controversy.

“It is obvious that I had bad judgment and didn’t understand that my attempt at humor would be seen as insensitive or mean-spirited, and I have removed the video from my channels,” said Murphy.


“I want to be a person who is positive and uplifting to others. Clearly in this instance, this has not been the case, and I have learned a valuable lesson.


​”I sincerely apologize to every person that has felt pain and offense because of me, and I ask their forgiveness.”

Such sincerity.
Simply gag worthy.
Her true colors are showing now.
Jennifer Murphy has fallen from b-star status to off the cliff
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