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Things Hapas NEED to Hear – A Hapa Happiness Post

By Sophia Whittemore
AsAmNews Intern


I wrote an article, “Things Hapas Hear”, and it received attention for being relatable. And then it occurred to me that a lot of people from multiracial households deal with this all the time. Look at any online forum to see that “identity” and “ethnic ambiguity” is a giant question that every multiracial kid has to tackle when they get older. A lot of us (not all) suffer from being perpetually confused: how, where, and with what background do we identify? Are we even allowed to complain because we should count ourselves lucky?

I decided it was time that all hapas and other multiracial kids get a happiness post. Let’s pause the identity crisis for a while and get some much-needed support.

Here are ten positive things that hapas NEED to hear in our society. Multiracial kids, if you’re struggling with your identity, remember these ten things.

  1. Your opinion is valid. Your life experiences, positive or negative, are valid.
  2. Just because you’re half, it doesn’t mean you’re any LESS whole.
  3. You never have to pick a side.
  4. If you DO identify more with one side of your family, it doesn’t mean you are negating the other side. You have plenty of love to give.
  5. There are others like you in this world. You’re not the only one.
  6. You’re beautiful. Stop picking your features apart. You don’t NEED to have a certain facial feature or skin color of hairstyle. You’re gorgeous just as you are.
  7. Your identity is your identity no matter what other people tell you.
  8. The only person to identify yourself, ultimately, is you.
  9. Never give in to the stereotypes. You are a person, not a collection of cliches or tropes.
  10. You have a place in this world.

You heard me, fellow hapas. I’m on your side, every step of the way.


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  1. RE: Things Haps NEED to hear-A hapa happiness Post: Can we get the perspective of a non-european hapa? No offense to Sophia, but as an asian american, I’m always frustrated that the lexicon for hapas on the internet stem mainly from half white/half asian. I understand that there are more half white/half asian hapas, but what about my half latino/half asian, or half black/half asian brothers and sisters? I seldom hear their voice, and would appreciate the opportunity to hear more from them.


    • RE: Rich on Things Hapas NEED to Hear- A Hapa Happiness Post: OK, non-European Hapas as Rich calls them- here’s your chance. This is an all-volunteer run website, so anyone willing and able is a candidate.


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