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Teen Wolf Actress Arden Cho Addresses Racism in Video

posted by Olivia Wolf

Arden Cho

Arden Cho

Teen Wolf actress Arden Cho addressed her irritation over constantly being asked “what she is” in a new YouTube video, reports Teen Vogue.
In the video, titled “What Am I?” Cho shared a recent experience with an Uber driver who told her that she was “definitely not Korean,” after only just meeting her. This is just one example of the many comments she faces on a regular basis about her ethnicity.
Cho is in fact Korean American and has modeled for Reebok Korea, Clinique Asia, and Nike Japan in addition to American shoots for Apple and Vogue.
Although she has now reached international fame as an actress, model, and singer, Cho faced severe discrimination while growing up in predominantly white neighborhoods in Texas and Minnesota.
“I’ve grown up with racism my entire life,” she said. “I’ve been bullied, sent to the hospital, beat up, I’ve been called a Chink and a Gook, every single racial slur an Asian person can be called, I’ve been called it.”
Cho added that no one walks up to White people to ask them, “what kind of White are you?” Her comments are reminiscent of the familiar forever foreigner label that has been forced on Asian Americans.
“I’m so tired of people telling me what I am and what I’m not,” she said. “I’m so tired of people saying you have to look a certain way to be American.”
According to Variety, Cho will soon star in Honored, a comedy about childhood best friends. With two Asian American leads and a cast and crew that is almost exclusively women, the film is a win for both underrepresented groups in media.


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  1. Edwin Chen says:

    RE: Teen Wolf Actress Arden Cho Addresses Racism in Video: Rudeness, Makes Me Feel Like Society is Just Blind
    By Edwin Chen

    What are you, where are you from or what I am? You might be, because I think you are; but I don’t think my intrusive questions are even remotely bizarre. Dame, dame, iie chigaimasu; I am not even Japanese, so quickly hayaku kudasai, and get away from me please. Why are you bowing and telling me what I am or what I am not? You make it seem like I got retrograde amnesia, and that I somehow forgot. Your need to be more inclusive, is abusively relentless, awkward, and it makes my affections more elusive. If you really need to know, then listen to my candid answers. Don’t assume too many stereotypical gestures will get you very far, because instead it is offensive to me just like late stage cancer. Be respectfully more kind, when questioning my ethnicity or phenotypic designs; because sometimes the overwhelming rudeness, makes me feel like society is just blind.

  2. The other says:

    RE: Teen Wolf Actress Arden Cho Addresses Racism in Video: What is it with white people and their need to tell POC who they are?

  3. Julie says:

    RE: Teen Wolf Actress Arden Cho Addresses Racism in Video: Unfortunately, It’s a nasty symptom of being Asian in America.

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