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Asian American Helped Neo-Nazi Site Get Back Online, but Not for Long

Server not foundJust days after being dumped by several internet providers, a neo-Nazi website was reportedly back online with the help of an Asian American entrepreneur.

Nick Lim is founder of the Seattle-based company BitMitigate. The Daily Stormer was forced off line everywhere except on the dark web after it mocked the appearance of Heather Heyer, the young woman run down and killed in Charlottsville during a protest by the alt right.

Pro-Publica reported Lim reached out to the Daily Stormer both to support free speech and to publicize his own small company.

“People should be given the right to express their ideas,” said Lim. “I thought it would really get my service out there, while later commenting The Daily Stormer contained a lot of “stupid ideas.”

If the Daily Stormer was back online, it didn’t last. AsAmNews tried to access the site and received a “server not found” message. So what happened? Tech Crunch reported the Daily Stormer domain name had been registered by Go Daddy. Go Daddy has reportedly terminated the Daily Stormer’s account.

Nonetheless, Lim has taken some criticism for his actions.

Lim isn’t persuaded.

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  1. RE: #Asian American Helped Neo-Nazi Get Back On-line, but Not for Long: What a shame! Hope he enjoyed his 50 pieces of silver

  2. RE: Asian American Helped Neo-Nazi Site Get Back Online, but Not for Long: I’m in two minds about this. Otoh, I support free speech and believe everybody has the right to express themselves no matter how repugnant their views may be barring instigation to violence. Otoh, I’m not sure what Nick Lim’s motive is. Is he one of those pro Nazi Asians or is he genuinely concerned with free speech? He’s certainly making no bones about gunning for cheap publicity. In the end, I have to say I support what he did but maybe not why he did it.

  3. RE: Asian American helped neo-Nazi site get Back Online, but Not for Long: When you think Honorary Aryan is a compliment


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