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Eddie Huang Recounts Day He was Sexually Assaulted on Church Trip

posted by Randall

Eddie Huang being himself.From accusations against studio executive Harvey Weinstein to journalist Mark Halperin to actor Kevin Spacey, stories of sexual assault abound.

Now you can add author and celebrity chef Eddie Huang to the long list of people who say they’ve been victimized.

Huang penned a first hand account of his incident during a ski trip with a Baptist Church for The Cut.

Huang wrote he was just sitting on his bed watching TV, waiting for the adults to go to sleep so he could sneak out in the middle of the night. Suddenly a chaperone he described as a tall dark White man walked in, asking if he could use the shower.

The man emerged from the shower naked with a big erection standing right in front of Huang. The man read from the bible for 15 minutes before leaving.

“At first I just looked away and focused on the basketball game,” Huang wrote. “He had a big d*ck and guys with big d*cks always enjoyed walking around locker rooms with the sh*t on front street. I figured he was just some weirdo trying to show out and air dry like Cuba Gooding Jr. in Jerry Maguire. After a few seconds of trying to look away, I realized he wasn’t moving from the foot of my bed and that’s when panic set in. I felt trapped. I looked toward my roommate who seemed just as flustered, but we weren’t sure what was happening. Was this okay? Could I say something? I was a guest of the church, but what the f*ck? ”

Huang said he didn’t talk about it again until he saw his roommate decades later. He asked the roomie if he remembered what happened.

“Yeah, yeah, I do.”

“It was bad, right?”

“I definitely remember something happened that was off. What do you remember?”

“I mean, that dude stood in front of my bed with his d*ck hard and read the Bible for 15 minutes.”

“I can’t confirm those exact details, but I remember something very wrong happened. I would not deny what you said, but I honestly can’t remember the exact image of what happened.”

“I’m not crazy though right? That happened!”

“No, no, it happened. You’re probably right, I just can’t confirm everything specifically.”

Those feelings came rushing back again when news about Spacey became public. Huang suddenly felt that he was not alone.

“We can’t always control what people do to us, but we do have the power to define it. When I look back, nothing was actually taken. I was hijacked, but I fought my way back and arrived as the man I’m supposed to be.”

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