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Cooler Heads Prevail in Confrontation on BART Train

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Bart incident

An angry man confronts a seated passenger aboard a commuter train in the San Francisco Bay Area

An Asian American passenger aboard a BART train in the San Francisco Bay Area was both verbally and physically assaulted on a BART train this week.
A video of the incident taken by a fellow passenger has gone viral with more than 600,000 views on Facebook and 45,000 on You Tube.
The aggressor stood above the seated passengers, calling him a Chinese n*gger and appeared to have slapped, if not hit the passenger, at least twice.
Police told the East Bay Times they are committed to investigating the incident.
The passenger remained remarkably calm during the incident. During the whole time, other passengers could be heard imploring him to remain calm.
“It’s not worth it,” one passenger off camera could be heard saying.
When the passenger got up and looked ready to confront the suspect, a woman walked up to calm him.
Police did attempt to board the train, but by that point the aggressor had gotten off.
It happened right before the Union City station in San Francisco’s Bay Area East Bay.

Police released the following statement to AsAmNews.

We want to make sure our riders know we are aware of this deplorable video and are investigating.
BART Police dispatchers received three calls from riders onboard a Warm Springs-bound train last night (Monday) at around 10:10pm. We responded and boarded the train at Union City Station but none of the patrons on board the train were able or willing to point out the suspect. Initial reports indicate the suspect got off the train at the Union City Station.
Any witnesses and the victim are asked to please contact BART PD Investigations at 510-464-7040 or if someone has information and wants to remain anonymous they can call 510-464-7011.

BART incident

Anyone who can identify this man should call BART police at 510-464-7011

The video captures an unfortunate, ugly scene. However, several things went right despite the belligerent and bigoted actions of one individual.
Number one, passengers on board the train suggested contacting BART police. Contacting police is always the best course of action – the police are law enforcement professionals trained to handle situations such as this (save 510-464-7000 in your phone and download the free BART Watch app- it allows you to text dispatch when you don’t want to draw attention).
Number two, the subject of the attack was deliberate in his response and reasonable in his actions.
Number three, fellow passengers voiced their support for the victim without actually physically intervening.
Number four, one of the passengers moved away from the attacker. This is always a good option – physically remove yourself from the threat until police arrive.
Now, to put this into context, our daily ridership is about 420,000 people each weekday. Our “crimes against person per million riders” rate during the most recent reporting period was 3.15 crimes per million riders. While we are hiring 40 extra officers to increase officer presence we also rely on our riders to notify us immediately if police response is needed. Just like your neighborhood, we can’t have an officer on every corner- we can’t have an officer in every car, every platform, every parking lot, and every entrance. But we can team up with our riders to keep our system safe!

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  1. Nancy Wang says:

    RE: Cooler Heads Prevail in Confrontation on BART Train: The bigot is obviously crazy and belongs in a mental health facility. We can thank Reagan or was it Nixon who closed California’s mental health hospitals spilling these poor individuals onto the street with nothing and became part of the homeless class in our cities. It started a trend nationwide sending the US back to the dark days of the world’s cruel treatment of the mentally disabled. Thanks to all those that kept their heads on straight and supported the Asian gentleman. Thanks particularly to the African American woman who put her own body and compassion in physical and emotional proximity. She came to him, not just walk away.

  2. Don says:

    RE: Cooler heads Prevail in Confrontation on BART train: Look a the other white guy passenger just scared leaving like a coward and then the black woman intervenes to thwart a fight. Luckily the other Asian guy film this.

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