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American Idol Legend William Hung Goes from Humiliation to Opportunity

William Hung

By Louis Chan
AsAmNews National Correspondent

William Hung of American Idol is transforming his extended 15 minutes of fame into a career as a business coach and inspirational speaker.

Hung has been a lightning rod in the Asian American community.

Some enjoyed his rise to prominence on a hit national TV program and his three subsequent albums and numerous appearances on TV.

William HungOthers say he was an embarrassment and the joke was on him.

In a video released this weekend on Facebook, Hung described his experience on American Idol in 2004 as one of “humiliation.”

“People asked me why did I go for it. Well, I’m not really sure,” he said. “Its something deep in my heart. I just want to break out of that shell. I don’t want to be like everybody else. Since you know what already happened, I got humiliated by Simon. that’s the end of that.”

You can watch the entire video here.

As you might recall, Hung auditioned for music competition, but was promptly bounced. As fans of Idol know, the worse auditions often are shown on the show, Since then, that audition has been seen countless times not only on the program, but on social media.

“I experienced this all my life, humiliation all my life,” he said. “And it’s not just American Idol.”

In a phone interview with AsAmNews, Hung said his Idol story is one he told a number of times, but he’s never shared a childhood experience that has stuck with him seemingly forever.

Hung described the times he was bullied, the times he was laughed at. He specifically talked about this one kid in middle school.

William Hung
Photo by By Brad Gocken via Wikimedia Creative Commons

“I remember he hit me and then I hit him back with a pencil box. and then like after that, in the recess or lunch. I got hit in the right eye. I’ll never forget that moment in my life. that was my first moment, life changing moment, like humiliation.

Hung told AsAmNews when he released that video earlier this weekend, he was going through a down cycle.

“The mental health issues I’m going through are normal,” he told AsAmNews. “No body is happy all  the time. I acknowledge it and I move forward. I was just trying to share what’s in my heart. I wanted to communicate my true feelings to my tribe, to people that want to listen to me that have been following me for many years.”

Hung has been with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health for three years.

Hung told AsAmNews he will give his customers for free a complete blueprint for how to build their own coaching and consulting business. He will however charge them for his advise on marketing, building their own website and implementing the tools they will need to build a business.

Yet, even as he tries to help others, skeptics-maybe even family and friends- are asking why.

“I want to help other people achieve their dreams by using their voice, by opening up their voice. And I get humiliated again.
Isn’t that ridiculous. You get humiliated by helping other people isn’t that ridiculous. Yeah, there’s people telling me, yeah, you don’t need to do this. Don’t do this. You shouldn’t share that stuff. You’re pass your 15 minutes of fame. Yeah, so that’s the current challenge. You know what. When you’re successful, there’s going to be people that hate you. That’s why I feel that I should just change from humiliation to opportunity. Just change that mindset. That’s all I have for now.”

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  1. RE: American Idol Legend William Hung Goes from Humiliation to Opportunity:Courage. That’s commitment and courage in the face of everyone’s doubt and discouragement. Best of luck!!

  2. RE: American Idol Legend William Hung Goes from Humiliation to Opportunity:Many blessings to him! People who don’t like themselves are always going to try and tear others down. I am so glad he dismisses the haters of his dreams!!!

  3. RE: American Idol William Hung Goes fromHumiliation to Opportunity:continue to think positive and be blessed. Don’t let others control your view of yourself.


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