Thursday 22nd February 2018,

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Jeremy Lin Makes Racist Troll Disappear

posted by Randall

Jeremy LInJeremy Lin has left a lot of defenders in the dust over in his career.

Now he’s showing even while injured, he can put on some pretty slick moves.

Lin called out a racist troll on Twitter who called him the “C” word, a “ch*nk.”

The troll’s account has since been deleted. It’s unknown whether Twitter took the troll down or if that person is running and hiding.

Either way-mission accomplished by Lin.

Some questioned whether the NBA star should be given such people that kind of attention.

The point guard was quick to defend himself.

Lin is out for the season since October with a ruptured Patella Tendon in His knee.
What do you think? Did Lin do the right thing or should he have just ignored the tweet?
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  1. David says:

    RE: Jeremy Lin Makes Racist Troll Disappears: Lin did the right thing to educate ignorants

  2. Jeremy Lame Ass says:

    RE: Jeremy Lin Makes Racist Troll Disappear: Jeremy Lin Makes Racist Troll Disappears: Jeremy Lin should be renamed Jeremy Lame. His response to racism is so lame, he’s too scared to tackle it or fight back. I think its funny you think that’s an attempt at calling someone out for being racist. it beggars belief he’s Harvard educated, he talks like a retard on Twitter. “not cool” who even says that at his age? only 13 yr old teenagers say things like “not cool.” . After all he’s not Jeremy Lame for nothing.

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