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Boss Accused of Hitting Employee. Surveillance Video Shows Different Story

Restaurant confrontation near AtlantaA customer of a suburban Atlanta restaurant accused the owner of a fast food seafood outlet of hitting an employee during an argument over a refund, reports Raw Story.

However CBS46 reports unedited surveillance video tells a different story.

Markus Moultrie says the argument between the owner and the employee started after that worker gave him an 8 dollar refund after a dispute over his order.

The owner, who is only identified as Mr. Lee, is seen on the video blaming his employee and demanding that the refund come out of her own pocket.

That video has been seen over 431,000 times. At one point, the food on a tray being held by the employee goes flying. The video shows Mr Lee taking a swipe, but you cannot see what he hit.

Moutrie is heard on camera accusing Mr. Lee of hitting the employee. He turns his camera to other customers who nod in agreement.

CBS 46 has identified the employee as Junea Turner.

“He pushed me and I went backwards like this, and I had to grab the other employees so I didn’t fall down, and then he grabbed me by my shirt, basically like this, and then he grabbed my shirt and my breast at the same time, trying to sling me out that side door,” Turner told CBS46.

According to CBS46, the store’s unedited surveillance video shows Mr. Lee grabbing the tray of food out of Turner’s hand and throwing it the floor. The station says he did not hit Turner, but did shove her before gesturing for her to leave.

Another employee told the station Turner remained 30 minutes after her shift to continue arguing with Mr. Lee despite Lee’s continual insistence that she leave.

Police have seen the surveillance video and have determined the physical contact was not forceful enough to warrant an arrest or any charges.

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  1. RE: Boss Accused of Hitting Employee. Surveillance video shows different story: it’s really immaterial. Any boss who loses his cool like that is not a person you want to be working for. It’s not an equal footing. The superior in the normal course of business should be the responsible party.

  2. RE: Boss accused of hitting employee. Surveillance video shows different story: what about the bystander who took the video and eggs the employee into pressing charges “you just assaulted her, you’re going to jail, as soon as the police come you have to press charges!!”The situation is escalated by his constant verbal abuse – none of his business but he gets involved anyway and keeps yammering away. The boss & employee may both have been at fault but this instigator’s involvement is the real cause of the problem


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