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Making America White Again

US FlagA new crackdown to make it harder for even permanent residents to become U.S. citizens has some accusing the Trump administration of leading the charge to preserve the shrinking White majority.

Trump’s slogan is to make America Great Again, but some believe that’s code for make America White again.

An article in Slate is headlined White Fight. Donald Trump is leading the Republican charge to preserve a shrinking White majority.

NPR reports the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service is creating a task force to investigate bad naturalization cases.  They will be hiring dozens of lawyers to revoke the citizenship of Americans they feel should not have been naturalized.

Just yesterday, AsAmNews reported  immigrants recruited to join the military with the promise of citizenship are now being discharged for no stated reason.

Quartz reported today the USCIS that non-citizens who apply for public benefits and are denied could be placed in deportation proceedings.

Trump is fond of saying his priority is to deport the criminal element. It’s puzzling how he considers applying for benefits is criminal.

It is widely expected that the United States will become minority white in 2045. That’s when Whites are expected to become less than 50 percent of the U.S. population.

Apparently Trump is determined to slow that trend.  If you can’t beat them, get rid of them.

The article in Slate states it bluntly:

The move to denaturalize some citizens is just the latest in a larger drive by Republicans—led by key figures in the Trump White House—to preserve a White majority in American politics. At the state level, Republican lawmakers take steps to protect GOP districts, dampen voter turnout, and otherwise hinder participation, which raises the chances of Republican victories for Congress and the White House. In turn, Republicans in Washington nominate and confirm judges who give voter suppression the cover of law, giving incentive to new efforts at restriction and disenfranchisement. What Donald Trump brings is an explicit effort to write nonwhite immigrants out of the body politic, removing as many as possible and presenting the rest as a suspect class.

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