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Boycott Waged after Shop Owner Accused of Punching Customer


Tulsa beauty shop incidentA boycott has been launched against a beauty supply retailer in Tulsa after witnesses say the store’s owner punched a customer in the face, reports the Tulsa World.

Authorities charged Changseok Jun with assault and battery.

Police tell Yahoo a child attempted to steal an item from Jun’s store. Jun confronted the mother who grabbed the item and threw it back into the store.

The mother pushed Jun in the upper torso as she was leaving.

“Mr. Jun then punched the woman in the right side of her mouth with his closed fist,” said Sgt Shane Tuell of the Tulsa Police Department.

“For him to hit her is unacceptable,” Cleo Harris, a protest organizer told the Tulsa World. “You’re taking the Black dollar, but you don’t trust us coming in to buy your product that is a creation of us.”

A video of the incident has been widely circulated on social media.

Some have called on both communities to use the incident as a teaching moment and cautioned against intensifying tensions that may exist between the two communities.
The store could not be reached for comment.
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  1. RE: Boycott Waged after Shop Owner Accused of Punching Customer: So. The kid steals something . The mother throws it back . Then shoves the owner. But he’s the bad guy when he retaliated. Why isn’t there any outrage the kid is a thief and the mother attacked the store owner when caught .

    • RE: Boycott Waged after shop owner accused of punching customer: Because of what he did and the force he used it negates what they did. And the video shows he had no remorse but walks away as if he did nothing wrong. I agree with the last statement maDe in this article.

    • RE: Boycott Waged after Shop Owner Accused of Punching Customer: This dirt bag scum has a history of assaulting black women who have frequented that business about a month or so ago he ran out in the street and maced somebody what it was about nobody knows but what we do know is the scumbag has paper over the windows to that business why??what is he hiding we all would like 2 know ?? I say we keep the boycott up until he stops that type of behavior and 4 you 2 say the little boy was stealing where you there?? if not then keep your suspicions and opinions 2 yourself friend not all black people steal the little kid probably looked at it as a toy what 3 year old you know ain’t curious

  2. RE: Boycott Waged After Store Owner Punches Customer: The store owner didn’t do anything wrong. The thieves got caught stealing and the store owner reacted to the physicality of the mother thief. If the thief mother didn’t shove him there’s a very high probability he doesn’t punch her.

    Only in Asian owned stores are people allowed to attempt to steal and then play the victim when they are caught.

  3. RE: Boycott Waged after Shop Owner Accused of Punching Customer: He should have just called the cops. That’s the right thing to do. She assaulted him and her child stole. Because of what he did, now he is in trouble.


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