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First Exit Polling of Asian American Voters Released.

Democratic challenger Beto O’Rourke (pictured right) has lost to incumbent Republican Sen. Ted Cruz in Texas, reports The New York Times.

A new preliminary Election Day exit poll of more than 7,600 Asian American voters showed that Asian Americans strongly favored Democratic candidates for Congress by wide margins in some closely contested races, reports the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund (AALDEF).

AALDEF’s nonpartisan poll also showed that Asian American voters disapproved of Donald Trump’s performance as president, with 65% disapproving and 21% approving.

“The racist and anti-immigrant rhetoric from Donald Trump has been deeply disturbing to Asian American voters, who overwhelmingly supported candidates who share their values of a more inclusive and diverse America,” said AALDEF executive director Margaret Fung.

AALDEF sent over 600 attorneys, law students, and community volunteers to 50 cities in 14 states to document voter problems on Election Day and to conduct an exit poll of Asian American voters in English and 11 Asian languages. Those states are California, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia. Pollers were also sent to Washington, DC.

Likewise, the AAPI Civic Engagement Fund conducted a poll on AAPI voters the eve of Election Day, which also showed disapproval for Trump and a wide margin of support for Democrats over Republicans.

The following is AALDEF’s preliminary breakdown by state:

Vote for Senate:

64% for Beto O’Rourke, 33% for Ted Cruz, 2% other
(Cruz won 50.9% of total votes, O’Rourke 48.3%, other 0.8%)

68% for Jackie Rosen, 28% for Dean Heller, 3% other
(Rosen won 50.4%, Heller 45.4%, other 4.2%)

71% for Bill Nelson, 21% for Rick Scott, 1% other
(Scott won 50.2%, Nelson 49.8%, other 0%, 99% reporting)

Vote for Governor:

71% for Andrew Gillum, 22% for Ron DeSantis, 1% other
(DeSantis won 49.7%, Gillum 49.1%, other 1.2%)

82% for Stacey Abrams, 15% for Brian Kemp, 3% other
(Kemp won 50.3%, Abrams 48.7%, other 0.9%, potential runoff)

91% for Gretchen Whitmer, 7% for Bill Schuette, 1% other
(Whitmer won 53.1%, Schuette 44.0%, other 2.8%)

In Florida, Amendment 4, which re-enfranchised 1.4 million ex-felons, passed 64.5% to 35.5%, with 68% of polled Asian Americans supporting and 26% opposing.

In Massachusetts, Question 3, which upheld a state law protecting transgender people in public accommodations, passed 68% to 32%, with 74% of polled Asian Americans supporting and 13% opposing.

AALDEF found that Asian American voters faced various barriers on Election Day, which included “machine breakdowns, being directed to incorrect poll sites, denied provisional ballots and access to language assistance, and illegal demands for proof of identification and citizenship when it was not required.”

“The Asian American Exit Poll provides critical information about the Asian American electorate, including their party affiliations, issues influencing their votes in key races, and voting barriers at the polls, including improper requirements to show voter IDs or prove their citizenship and the denial of language assistance to limited English proficient voters,” said AALDEF Democracy Program Director Jerry Vattamala.

According to The New York Times, the Democrats picked up 28 seats to win majority control of the House of Representatives, and the Republicans picked up two seats to maintain their majority in the Senate.

Visit The Guardian for live updates on midterm election results.

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