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Paralympian Apologizes for Slant-Eye Gesture

Emanuele Lambertini

Paralympian Emanuele Lambertini has apologized for posting a picture of himself making a slant eye gesture on Instagram while competing in Japan.

Several people called him out for the offensive action including Jimmy O. Yang of Crazy Rich Asians and Silicon Valley fame. Yang called Lambertini’s post a display of “overt ignorance” that is “absolutely unacceptable.”

Some try to get   Instagram to remove the offensive post and expressed frustration when the social media giant declined to take action.

Lambertini, a fencer, has since removed the photo. He replaced it with an apology saying “I was wrong and I’m really sorry for it.

Some responded by accepting the apology, while others still continued to vent their anger. What do you think? Do you accept his apology?

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  1. RE: Paralympian Aplogozies for Slant-eye Gesture: An apology has 3 parts. ‘I’m Sorry’. .. For ‘racist gesture’ and I will make amends by …. That’s missing. #3 is missing. What will he do to make amends for his hurtful action?

  2. RE: Paralympian apologizes for slant-eye gesture: Bite me. Again with the non apology. You apologize because what you did was offensive . By saying people who felt offended you mean what you did wasn’t offensive they are just snowflakes.

  3. RE: Paralympian Apologizes for Slant-Eye Gesture: Take his medal away, then he’ll learn and so will others. This apology is a PR move.

  4. RE: Paralympian Apologizes for Slant-Eye Gesture: I don’t think he understands why it is an offense gesture. I would like to see in writing from him why we would think it racist and offensive. Phil does make a point, “By saying people who felt offended you mean what you did wasn’t.” offensive


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