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Rep Ted Lieu Defies Orders Not to Play Audio of Child Detainees

Lieu, Ted Rep defies Orders

It was one of the year’s most dramatic moments in the House of Representatives. Tension erupted back in June when Rep Ted Lieu (D-CA) refused to obey orders to stop playing audio of crying child detainees separated from their parents at detention camps.

Lieu cited statistics saying there are 2300 babies and kids who have been “ripped away from their parents.”

“If the Statue of Liberty could cry, she’d be crying today,” said Lieu. “Ripping kids away from their parents is immoral. I believe in Jesus Christ. Every single thing in the Gospel goes against family separation.”

Lieu begins playing the audio one minute and 45 seconds into the video below. 35 seconds later, Rep Karen Handel (R-GA) attempts to interrupt.

“The gentlemen shall suspend,” she said.

“What reason, Madame Speaker,” Lieu replies.

The gentleman is in breach of quorum,” Handel replies. After being pressed Handel cites Rule 17 of House rules.

“There’s no rule that I can’t play sounds,” said Lieu.

The rule states “a person on the floor of the House may not smoke or use a mobile electronic device that impairs decorum. ”

“The gentleman shall suspend, ” Handel repeats.

“Why are you trying to prevent the American people from listening to what it sounds like in a detention facility? These are babies and kids in a detention facility, why are you trying to prevent the American people from hearing what they are saying,”

Lieu, Ted Rep speaks on child detainees

The argument goes on for several more minutes, with each interrupting the other while the audio from the detention facility continues. Handel consults with others up on the podium. The cries of babies and kids fills the silence while Handel tries to figure out what to do.

4 minutes and 30 seconds after she first asked Lieu to stop the audio, Handel asks the Sergeant of Arms to intervene. A woman approaches Lieu. After a brief discussion, Lieu stops the audio and simply says “I yield back.”

Lieu remains a vocal critic of the Trump administration.

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