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School Official Resigns over Anti-Muslim Post. City Officials Urged to Resign over Separate Incident

Brian Wisniewski Facebook Post

A school board member has turned in his resignation after an Islamphobic post on his Facebook page.

District officials condemned Brian Wisniewski of the Plum School Board near Pittsburgh after stating on Facebook “Does it worry anybody that we have three devout Muslims in Congress who have unlimited access to our top secret government documents?”

The School Board accepted his resignation today as expected during a special school board meeting today.

“This District is not affiliated with this posting in any way,” the district said in a statement. “We vigorously disagree with and condemn the content of the post, and we do so in the strongest possible terms.”

Wisniewski has since apologized while calling his post a “moment of frivolity.”

In a separate incident, the Council on American Islamic Relations is calling for the resignation of three Hamilton Township employees in New Jersey.

Robert and Colleen DiPastina who both work for the city posted a photo on Facebook of a bearded man in a Muslim skullcap sitting on a toilet. The caption read “This is a Muslim. They don’t use toilet paper. They use their hand. This is Starbucks. They vow to hire 10,000 Muslims.”

DiPastina Facebook post

The Trentonian reports  two others in the same Hamilton Township shared a KKK meme attacking women members of Congress who wore white at the State of the Union address to pay tribute to suffragists.

“I haven’t seen this many Democrats dressed in white since they created the KKK,” the meme read.

Ed Gore has retired as Hamilton’s public defender and now CAIR is demanding that Kenneth Enderle, an engineering aide , resign as well.

Gore defended his post as a joke and said it did not compare to what the DiPastina did.

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  1. RE: School Official Resigns over Anti-Muslim Post. City Officials Urged to Resign over Separate Incident: Disgusting prejudice and hate among some fearful Christian whites in our American population is undermining our country and all the good work others are doing. It is sad and it is time for them to realize their unchristian ways and turn themselves in for therapy and healing. They are sick.

  2. RE: School Official Resigns Over Anti-Muslim Post. City Officials Urged to Resign Over Separate Incident : Devout Muslims are not a threat.

    Muslims who are not devout are more likely to be a threat.

    Devout Muslims know, if you kill one innocent person it’s as if you killed the whole world.

    Devout people of any religion take that sort of thing seriously.

    Oh, and a school board member who does not know that simply being in congress does NOT give you access to any secrets. That is covered by security clearances, which are NOT automatic.

    OK, Trump’s family and friends to get security clearances they shouldn’t, but how are they going to promote the Trump corporation without access to government info mere mortals can’t get near.

    I sure hope Starbucks is suing the hell out of those who posted those memes. Them and try to track back to their original origin.


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