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Andrew Yang’s Campaign is Gaining Momentum

Andrew Yang’s campaign is quickly gaining momentum. According to The Week, Yang has the same odds of winning the presidency as Elizabeth Warren.

Those odds are not high. Yang’s chances are 2.1 percent, while Senator Warren’s are 2.2 percent. Cory Booker, The Week reports, also has a 2.1 percent chance of winning the presidency.

Although his chances of winning the presidency are still slim, Yang’s support base is growing rapidly. On Monday morning, Yang announced on Twitter that his campaign had hit the 65,000 donors mark. This means he is will be able to participate in the first Democratic presidential candidate debate.

His supporters have branded themselves the “Yang Gang” on social media. The “Yang Gang” is different than the typical bloc of Democratic voters. An article by Vox points out that Yang has been able to appeal to young, predominantly male, socially conservative voters. Many of his supporters believe he will be able to convert some MAGA voters.

Yang is also popular on a website called 4chan, which is popular among White nationalists. However, Yang told Vox that he rejects support from White nationalists. He admitted he found it funny that White nationalists chose to put his face on some of their memes.

“I wish I could just jump up and down about how funny it is, but obviously there’s an element of it that’s intertwined with some terrible beliefs,” Yang told Vox. “Anyone who spends, like, five seconds looking into me or my background or my beliefs or my platform would be like, ‘This guy is the least White nationalist dude ever.’”

Yang’s platform is a mix of traditionally left-wing policies and more centrist policies that are purely Andrew Yang. An article by Vice called his agenda the most transformative of any Democrat in the 2020 race. The focal point of his campaign is his advocation for a universal basic income. His platform can be found on his campaign website.

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