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Boys Kicked off Flight in Korea Due to Peanut Allergies

Photo from Delta News via Wikimedia Creative Commons

Delta Airlines is being accused of kicking two brothers, ages 15 and 16, off a flight in Korea because they had peanut allergies, reports WSBT-TV.

The boys were returning alone to the Philippines from Atlanta after visiting their ailing grandfather.

Rakesh Patel told Today it was the first time they had ever flown without their parents. “My oldest son explained to the gate agents his severe peanut and tree nuts allergy — ingestion and airborne — which is what he does when boarding all Delta flights,” Patel wrote on a post on Facebook which has since been made private. The son requested that an announcement be made to the other passengers why peanuts could not be served. He says the boys were given a choice to stay on the plane with peanuts or get off.

“Why are we putting people through that kind of distress?” the boys’ dad said to TODAY . “These are kids who are traveling alone, literally on the other side of the world, and they’re being forced off a plane — so people can eat nuts on the plane?”

Delta Airlines released the following statement to WSBT.

“We’re sorry for this family’s ordeal, particularly during what is already a difficult time for them. Delta and our partner Korean Air are communicating with the family and examining the processes surrounding this incident; we will use our findings in our work to create a consistent experience for customers flying Delta and our partner airlines.” 

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  1. RE: Boys Kicked Off Flight in Korea due to Peanut Allergies: I find myself in the odd position of defending an airline. These kids are so allergic to peanuts even having some in the air will kill them- yet they’ve travel on an airplane not giving the airline prior warning ? The airline doesn’t have the time to de peanut the flight . So why should they take the risk? The kids will have to wait until they can put them on a de peanut flight. And what would have happened if someone found a packet of peanuts in a seat pocket and decided to eat if because they said they didn’t hear the warning ? And the kids died ? The staff has to search every single meal which has already been packed and all the snack bins. And the entire plane. Do you know how long that would take? I don’t but I’m guessing there wasn’t enough time .


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