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Korean model blasted for posting statement against Asian support for Black Lives Matter

Nicky Park, a Korean model based in Southern California, posted on Instagram stories earlier this week that she is “really tired of this whole Black Lives Matter bullsh*t.”

It immediately led to a deluge of criticisms on tone-deafness and Asians’ racism against Black Americans, according to Nextshark.

In a series of now-expired stories published by Nextshark, Park reportedly said that “all lives matter” and said that no race is more “superior” than another. She also added that “[her] heart is with [George Floyd] and his family” but that Asians also experience aggression from the police on top of COVID-related discrimination. She claimed that police had once racially profiled and been aggressive with her.

“It’s like people have forgotten about how Black people were treating Asians for COVID?!?! I swear I’m not racist,” Park noted. “I’m just upset at how it’s focused on one minority when sh*t was literally just happening to Asians for COVID but you don’t see us acting out like this.”

Park has, however, been paying attention to the concerns of Asian Americans during COVID-19. On April 12, Park participated in a campaign consisting mostly of Asian American social media personalities to flatten the curve by staying home.

Given this, social media users were quick to comment that Park’s outburst shows a double standard — Black people have died at a disproportionate rates due to the coronavirus in the United States.

Others pointed out that the racism embedded in the American law enforcement and criminal justice system since the days of slavery and Jim Crow does not impact East Asian Americans as much as it does Black and Brown Americans.

Social media users have flocked to Park’s Instagram comments section that the model has demonstrated apathy and racism through her statement.

Several Korean and Korean American artists have expressed solidarity with the Black community, condemning Floyd’s death and racial injustice on social media, according to Billboard.

Korean American rapper Jay Park donated $10,000 to Black Lives Matter and released a statement, noting “countless innocent unarmed people losing their lives and nobody taking responsibility or being held accountable.”

“[People] who are supposed to protect and keep the public safe don’t even have the common sense or compassion to know if they are killing somebody innocent?” Park wrote on Instagram. “Police Departments and [people] in position of power not doing anything to provoke change.. all of it makes me sick.”

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  1. RE: Korean model blasted for posting statement against Asian support of Black Lives Matter: Yes, all lives matter so there should be shame on those who thinks Black people’s life does not matter when they mistreat and abuse them so easily and with the police, most of the time they get away with it because they act and feel like Black Lives Does Not Matter!

  2. RE: Korean model blasted for posting statement against Asian support for Black Lives Matter:I would not want to see any person neck under that shoe; For so long it has been Black lives at risk. When any race is killed, we all must unite and have union of One against killing . Korean lives Matter , Chinese Lives Matter . Caucasian Lives matter ; Spanish
    lives Matters and Black Lives Matter……White Lives Matter; etc…..


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