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Pseudoscience fuels racist rant in grocery store.

A video from a racist incident earlier this month at a Canadian grocery store has generated more than 400,000 views in just four days.

“I’ll never come back here again,” screams a man in a white t-shirt. “I’m going to have the media here. You can all wear your mask and you can all die and get sick. Because when you wear the mask, you get sick. It’s science.”

Science? That’s as much science as those who still insist the world is flat or that the moon landing and the Holocaust are both frauds.

The man apparently became upset after being told he had to wear a mask. According to Toronto CTV News, it happened at T&T Supermarket in Toronto.

“Please leave,” says a man wearing what appears to be a company issued red shirt.

“Don’t scream.”

“This is a lie,” the angry customer insists. “Where did we get our Wuhan virus? From China. From you guys…communist virus. Where are you from?

“I’m Canadian,”

“Where you from?” the angry customer repeats

“I’m Canadian.”

The video has become such widely seen that even Prime Minister Justin Trudeau went on social media to thank the employees who “took a stand against ignorance and hatred.”

Trudeau described the video as hard to watch.

“I told you I have asthma. ..I have asthma and I told you that,” the man says.

“Please. Do not scream.”

“You can get sick with the mask. Use your common sense. You’re breathing in old air,” the customer insists

“The government…

“The government? The communist government? The communist government from Wuhan? From China? The same communist government that hid it?”

We are canadians sir.

“You’re as Canadian as my butt”

You can see the four minute video below.

The angry customer finally leaves at the insistence of a woman who appears to be with him.

Police arrived at the store after the man left to take a report.

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