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Enraged Bicyclist Calls Asian Driver “Yellow B*tch” and Other Slurs

An Asian American was verbally assaulted by an unidentified bicyclist in Brooklyn, New York just a few days ago.

On July 28, Zane Tang posted about a racist attack he experienced a few days prior on his Facebook account.

Tang says he was driving along 7th Ave, between 58th-59th St when a bicyclist flipped him off after Tang had given him a light honk to let the bicyclist know he was behind him. The bicyclist had allegedly been swerving in the middle of the road.

After Tang honked, the bicyclist brake checked him. Tang says he then proceeded to get out of his car to check to see if the bicyclist was alright, tell him to use the bike lane and ask why he was swerving in and out of a two way street.

According to Tang, the man began shouting slurs at Tang and his non-English speaking uncle. Tang says the man called them “yellow b*tches” and told them they shouldn’t be in his country. He said Asians were the weakest race on the planet and continued to call them whores, f*ggots and inbreds.

The man allegedly also made unprompted racist remarks about Black people, calling them r*tarded and using the n-word several times.

“I’ve never had to try this hard to refrain myself from getting physical..not only because I am a PROUD Asian but also because I have black brothers myself and I am PROUD of them,” Tang wrote in his post.

Tang tried to walk away three times but stopped when the man proceeded to punch his car. At that point, he took out his phone and began recording the bicyclist for evidence.

The man insulted Tang a few more times before calling 911. During the call, he allegedly claimed that he was injured and that there was a “dead man” on the scene.

The police, fire department and paramedics all arrived after the bicyclist called 911. When the paramedics arrived the man stopped claiming he was injured but said he wanted Tang arrested. The police filed a report stating that there was no damage to the man’s bike.

According to Tang, the man has a history of harassing the Asian community in Brooklyn. Unfortunately, many of his victims have been older Asian immigrants who could not understand his racist remarks or defend themselves because of the language barrier.

Tang is encouraging Facebook users to share his post. He wants Asian Americans, specifically older Asian Americans, to learn how to protect themselves in situations like his own.

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  1. I am sure there is another side of story to this one
    That is a shared bike lane and drivers are reckless and abusive to cyclists refusing to share the road
    Tang should drive safely and I am sure it was not a light tap on horn . This is a bias one sided account and unfair . I was riding by and Tang got out like some sort of gangster antagonizing cyclist before he started snapping photos
    Tell the true story Tang
    Cyclist are injured and killed too often by drivers who are too selfish to share road

  2. Stop Your BS that you were there Jimmy. You seem to know how others are feeling and behaving from simply riding by. You probably hate Asians like this twisted maniac on the bike. Quit making shit up.

  3. LMAO Jimmy. So you were able to see everything that happened in a glimpse of an eye? You act as if it was the Asian person fault first. And of course I believe there is two side of the story but the way you’re being a bit too cocky and act like you knew everything that was going on. If you were there you should know what time it happened right?

  4. This racist moron is a Greek named Harry Tzianakis. He’s deleted his YT page but nothing ever gets totally scrubbed away on the Internet. Was able to find several idiotic posts, many against Asians too. @Jimmy C – Stop being a hypocrite. Many cyclists are the scourge of the road, running in all different directions with no regard for human life or traffic regulations. The guy acting like a gangster is your buddy HARRY TZIANAKIS. He’s clearly recorded talking how he’d HURT Tang “back in the day”. Has he done it before?? FAKE TOUGH GUY, he should be arrested and charged for filing a false police report just like that white woman in Central Park

  5. Exactly, Johnnie Walker. Why didn’t they charge him with filing a false report wasting tax money. These racists need to be held accountable and boy do they need help. All that rage and anger and inferiority complex rolled into one.

  6. Ummm are you kidding?! Let’s say Tang was driving dangerously. There is still absolutely NO reason, under ANY circumstance that that man should talk to him that way. No matter who was in the wrong with the driving this is NEVER ok.

  7. LOL Jimmy C! You are definitely Harry Tzianakis or a racist friend of his. Can’t accept that you are finally being scrutinized for your actions huh? Hope you one day pick on an Asian who isn’t as nice as Tang.

  8. Even if there was another side to the story, it doesn’t excuse the behavior that was caught on camera. You don’t discriminate or throw around hateful slurs like that over a traffic issue. You would think that current events would have taught this guy something about using racial slurs without remorse. The issue here isn’t drivers and bikers…it’s about racism and homophobia. Seems like you missed the point.

  9. What other account do you need? You want this scum to justify calling someone a racial slur? Lol you’re a joke.


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