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Hong Kong Freedom writer Kong Tsung -gan may be disguised in yellowface

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An investigation by Grayzone has concluded widely quoted Hong Kong activist and writer Kong Tsung-gan may actually be a White guy from the United States.

Until 2019, Kong’s twitter account showed a profile picture of a Chinese man that was later replaced. His writings in Medium and his tweets are often quoted by CNN, the New York Times and the Washington Post. He has also published numerous books and writes for the Hong Kong Free Press. He has also done numerous audio interviews.

A report by Max Blumenthal described Kong’s true identity as a “fictitious character” created by an American man with ties to Amnesty International. The article alleges the character was created by Brian Patrick Kern with the goal of spreading anti-China propaganda.

Kern himself has written articles for the Hong Kong Free Press under his own name. The investigation by Graystone also concluded Kern not only writes under the pen name of Kong Tsung-gan, but also  Xun Yuezang.

“I certainly have not intended to deceive anyone about my ethnicity.”

An article published just yesterday in the HKFP under the name Kong Tsung-gan is titled Kong Tsung-gan: Who Am I?

In the article, he acknowledges he uses a pen name, but does not reveal his true identity.

“In my writing, I use a pen name. It was given to me long ago by a Chinese human rights activist. In Putonghua, it is pronounced Jiang Songjian. After the Umbrella Movement, I decided to write about Hong Kong and adopted the pen name, in honor of the man who gave it to me and in solidarity with all of the others in China and Hong Kong who have fought so long and hard for basic human rights.

“I certainly have not intended to deceive anyone about my ethnicity. I would say I understand the recent debate over identity politics and may have chosen a different name if I were making the choice for the first time today.

” No matter what name I might go by, the writing remains the same. No one who has attempted to discredit me has so far chosen to debate my ideas and opinions. I am left with the impression that they are not interested in discussing the merits and issues of the freedom struggle but instead wish to engage in character assassination. As Kong Tsung-gan, my character is my writing.”

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  1. Of all the things to cover about the crisis in Hong Kong. Democratic politicians being barred from government? Police brutality? The erosion of legal rights and freedoms? Nope. Just an article from a website created by the far left version of Alex Jones /claiming/ a white guy posed as a Hong Konger. Please don’t let this website become a mouthpiece for pro-Beijing talking points.

  2. Lol…this brian kern is so busybody nosing on freedom n human right in hong kong when it makes better sense that he should be fighting all the human right wrongdoings happening in America which badly needs people of his caliber. N the funny part is hong kong is rank higher n better than USA on human right n freedom.
    Wondering why he is so busy with hong kong n not his own backyard🤔🤔🤔

  3. Mr. Kern, it’s fairly clear, receives $$ compensation from America’s ‘National Endowment for Democracy’ — a regime-change operation. Chinese & overseas Chinese are a little too naive. The fact is, your country’s in the CIA’s cross-hairs. Be prepared…


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