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Opinion: Trump promotes “birther” attack on Kamala Harris in another lie

By Len Patel

It took Donald Trump five years to admit that Barack Obama was born in the United States after years of publicly questioning his citizenship. By that point, it didn’t matter. The MAGA crowd had already been convinced Obama was not legally the president.

Now he’s at it again, according to Vox. This time Trump’s questioning whether Kamala Harris, a woman born in Oakland, CA was entitled to her citizenship. That right to citizenship is firmly grounded in a case involving an Asian American-Wong Kim Ark. In that 1898 case, the Supreme Court ruled a Chinese American man born in the United States is entitled to citizenship.

The truth in Trump’s world is an inconvenience. The truth doesn’t matter to many of his voters. The truth doesn’t matter to many Republicans. Even if they know the President is wrong, they let it slide on a wink and a nod. Just plant a seed of doubt in voters. That’s all that’s needed. It doesn’t have to be true. Repeat it. Repeat it again. Repeat it so many times it becomes the truth in Trump’s world.

The birther question about Harris was first uttered by John Eastman, a man described by LGBTQ Nation as an anti-gay activist. He argued the 14th amendment requires that parents have to be citizens before their children can be citizens.

Eastman suggested in an editorial in Newsweek that Harris isn’t eligible to run for Vice President and that legally she can’t even be a U.S. Senator.

That idea is being spread on social media by those who believe in conspiracy theories.

Again, it doesn’t matter. Legitimate media will keep debunking the birther theory. Trump will keep repeating it. Right wing social media will get to work and before you know it, just like when Trump questioned Obama’s citizenship, polls will discover that a significant percentage of Trump voters will believe Kamala Harris is not a citizen of the United States.

So what are the rest of us supposed to do? Speak up. Talk about why Trump doesn’t deserve another four years. Make sure you’re registered to vote and make your voice heard on election day.

Change won’t come unless you make it happen.

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