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Noise complaint escalates. San Jose police tase couple


A couple in San Jose filed a federal civil rights complaint after officers investigating a noise complaint tased them and shot them with a riot gun, ABC7 News exclusively is reporting.

Marissa Santa Cruz is studying to become a firefighter and paramedic. Paea Tukuafu aspires to become a jail guard.

Police arrived to their hotel room and told them a noise complaint had been lodged against them for loud music. Officers told them they could stay as long as they turned down the music.

The couple agreed, but the situation escalated after an officer asked Tukuafu for his identification. He questioned why they needed it, but eventually cooperated.

The officer took down the information and moments later, Tukuafu asked for his license back.

The incident is played out on police body cam footage.

“No, not right now,” Officer Eugene Thompson said.

“Are you kidding? You already got it,” Santa Cruz replied

“You already got everything,” Tukuafu followed.

The couple angrily slammed the door. Shortly later, they were told they had to leave because they slammed the door in the officer’s face.

Tensions rose further when the officers accused the couple of not packing fast enough.

 “So, stop arguing, start packing and let’s go,” Officer Michael Pina says.

“Then shut the f**k up and let me pack. Damn,” Tukuafu screams

The confrontation that follows can be seen in the report below.

Prosecutors declined to press charges against Tukuafu, however the City Attorney says the lawsuit is baseless.

“Each use of force was an appropriate, reasonable, and constitutionally permissible response to Plaintiffs’ actions under the circumstances,” Nora Frimann told ABC7 News.

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  1. Absolutely unacceptable. A noise complaint results in 2 individuals being beat excessively for no apparent reason. Hey we were called for a noise complaint….more specifically loud music…..No problem, we will turn it down, sorry…..end of story !!!! What is the officers probable cause for requesting ID, why was the same officer unwilling to return the ID….situation easily diffused if the officers themselves accept the solution of turning the music down. Law Enforcement Officers have a tough job, I myself have no desire to do their job, but this is clearly a demonstration of Cops being more a part of the problem than the solution. This is exactly what is giving all those Officers out there risking their lives daily to do their job in a fair and honorable manner a bad name. We as civilians, regardless of ethnicity, have no way of knowing in any given encounter with law enforcement whether we are dealing with a problem cop, or a solution cop. Based on how this situation played out, do these same cops now become more, or less aggressive. I think the answer without question is more aggressive, now add even the slightest degree of racism to any of the officers involved, and you now have a walking time bomb with a badge that at some point in their career will likely severely injure, or possibly kill an undeserving individual. These 2 hotel guests complied with the officers requests even after questioning the officers intent, which was within their right to do so, made no threatening gestures and still got the hell beat out of them, for what….slamming a door. All human interactions in this civilization revolve around respect, these officers showed no respect, but yet demanded it in return, that combination will NEVER have positive results, regardless of how minor the situation appears to be.


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