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Asian Americans have taken more action to better understand racial issues, according to NPR/Ipsos

Photo by Diane Greene Lent via Flickr Creative Commons

National Public Radio and Ipsos have released a study that shows Asian Americans have taken increased action to better understand racial issues compared to other ethnic communities.

NPR/Ipsos surveyed 1,186 Asian, Hispanic, Black, and White Americans adults over the age of 18 throughout the country. The poll was conducted from Aug. 20 through 21.

The people who were surveyed were asked, “Since the death of George Floyd in May, have you personally taken any actions to better understand racial issues in America?”

Forty-nine percent of Asian Americans said “yes,” they have taken action to learn more about racial issues in America. Forty-four percent said they have not.

The survey shows Asian Americans are the second largest ethnic group to say they’ve taken more action than usual. Hispanics are the first with 51 percent of Hispanics surveyed saying they have taken more action than usual.

Thirty percent of whites reported an increase in action while more than half of White surveyed said “no,” have not taken more action.

They were also asked if they, or a close friend or family member has attended a protest since George Floyd’s killing.

Blacks showed the highest percent of protest attendance at 13 percent. Hispanics showed the second highest at 11 percent, and Asians the third highest at 8 percent. Seven percent of Whites surveyed said they attended the protest.

NPR/Ipsos measured the support and opposition each community has for the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Seventy-three percent of Blacks, 59 percent of Asians and Hispanics, and 47 percent of Whites show support toward the movement.

Whites show the highest rate of opposition toward the BLM movement with 41 percent.

The poll found that a little over half of those who were surveyed support the movement. Thirty-four percent do not.

Overall, the poll reveals that the majority of the Asian American community stands in solidarity with the Black community.

Although the majority of Americans surveyed support the BLM Movement, some Americans stand firm in their argument that all lives matter, along with Black lives.

Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City and President Trump’s attorney said during the Republican National Convention, “For President Trump, and for us Republicans, all Black lives matter and the lives of LeGand, Brandon and Davell matter to us. All lives matter to us.”

A resident from Georgia told NPR, “What about Hispanics? What about the Indians? What about us? The Caucasians?”

She told NPR she has a problem with the BLM Movement because she thinks it causes division amongst Americans.

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