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Woman won’t let elevator leave until Black man gets off

This one is a headscratcher.

A woman who has been labeled an Asian Karen is refusing to let an elevator leave apparently until a Black man gets off.

First of all, why would two people want to get in an elevator without wearing a face mask.

Anyway, in the video apparently taken in London, the woman is seen depressing the door open button and not letting go.

The Black man who calls himself Badguy Toba and is a London-based promoter accuses the woman of holding him hostage.

A sign on the elevator clearly states two people are allowed on the elevator at the same time.

“Why you do this?” the woman says.

“Let the lift go, I don’t want to talk to you,” he says. “Why you holding the lift and keeping me in this place?”

“Why you come in and say something. Why?,” she asks. “You have to go out,” she would later say.

“OK, we’ll stay here until tomorrow,” he threatens.

“You said I had coronavirus,” she accuses him of saying.

“Now you say lies,” he responds.

Toward the end of the video, the woman presses the alarm.

A third person wearing a mask enters the elevator and then the first woman gets off, pointing an angry finger at the man.

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  1. Head scratcher is right, was it a mask issue or she didn’t want to be alone in an elevator with a Black man? Easiest solution was for her to get out and wait for the lift again until she is comfortable.

  2. It is not clear what happened prior to them both entering the elevator. At the beginning of his rambling, I heard him saying something about “she needs to leave the elevator because she has corona”. Interestingly, in his video he never once brought up anything about her acting racist. Throughout the video, he’s aggressively yelling and trying to intimidate her. He accuses her of holding him “hostage” (however, clearly the elevator door is wide open). It’s obvious that he is trying to bully her. It is in his post that he changes his narrative to claim that she doesn’t want to ride the elevator with her and being racist. I guess this is his way, as a “influencer” to gain PR. SMH

  3. She is obviously racist. What is the difference between him and the other person that stepped on the elevator. If she didn’t want to ride with him, she should wait for the next elevator. I think its funny she submitted when the woman arrived. That shows she knows she is wrong. If she is right she will make everyone wait for whatever it is she was pushing that button for.

  4. I think there is something mentally wrong with her. She needs to be asked to vacate the building. That is the only thing that will give her a clue she was in the wrong

  5. what? “she needs to leave the elevator because she has corona” was never in the video, there was something like “only 2 people max, because corona” no other mention of corona was ever made by man. Bullying a woman? She is standing near exit of the lift, not letting it go and standing there by her free will, hey are we even discussing same video?


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