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Rack of Lamb in less than 20 minutes


By Esther Yang

2 Meals – 15 minutes – 5 ingredients

First Dish – 1 ingredient – New Zealand Rack of Lamb.

2nd Dish – 5 ingredients – Pan-fried Tofu with Spicy Cilantro Sesame Sauce. (Tofu, Cilantro, Sesame seeds, Dr. Bragg Liquid Amino Acid (taste like soy sauce but better for you), crushed Red Pepper).

I have been good busy with life, running for office and out of nowhere, one of my favorite people – Corky Lee passed away from COVID-19, a giant in the Asian Community for his photographs. Life can be cruel. 

And for us, the living, we must go on and continue Corky’s legacy. I do have photos taken by him of my daughter Grace and me. Missing dim sum with Corky or just hanging out with him. Another story for another time.

Because my life had been busy, dinner became midnight dinner, and you developed into a starving Marvin three times over. Normal day – I don’t eat or drink after 10 pm. Today is not a normal day.

Also Missing Sensei Pat Brown/FDNY Ladder 3. Honored to be wearing the T-shirt. He was a yogi, a Karateka, Captain, and more… 9/11 was hard for all New Yorkers. Now the Pandemic pushed us to the limit. But then, we are New Yorkers – resilient and strong. I know for me; I love New York more than ever.

By Esther Yang

The recipe:1. I use my cast iron, high heat as always, put the yummy grass-fed New Zealand rack of lamb. Oh! How I wish I am in New Zealand right now. My friends have been asking me to go… so tempting.

I love crispy meat on the outside and medium-rare in the middle. (5- 7 mins each side, I browned all the sides of the rack of lamb).  I add nothing but Olive oil, salt, and pepper. Simple one ingredient yet fantastic. I don’t consider olive oil, salt, and pepper as ingredients. 

By Esther Yang

2. To balance my meal, so my vegan friends won’t yell at me. Yes, I am human and also sensitive. I made Pan-fried Tofu with Spicy Cilantro Sesame Sauce. Indonesian (Tofu Goreng – pan-fried tofu) meets Mexico meets Singapore. Every country is happy. We balance the Yin and Yang.

by Esther Yang

3. Cut up the tofu, pan-fried till crispy with Olive oil. (2 mins on each side). To make your dinner under 15 minutes, you have to use both stoves. While the rack of lamb is cooking – on another stove, pan-fried the tofu. You got this!

FYI – Use only Olive oil. Get rid of your corn and vegetable oil. Olive oil is healthier for you. 

The sauce – I mixed an equal amount of crushed red pepper, cut up fresh cilantro, sesame seeds, Dr. Bragg Liquid Amino Acid (any health food store or Amazon). 

By Esther Yang

Hate lamb? Use chicken, beef, or whatever. Hate Tofu? Find some food that you love like eggplant or pan-fried green tomatoes. Hate spicy food, don’t put hot pepper. Your Kitchen – Your domain!!!

Grief is a bottomless pit. Easy does it – have self-care. Every time I think of Corky and Sensei Pat, I have to remind myself to breathe and just exhale. I have my own ritual – light my candle, say my prayers and ask them to watch over us.  

When life is challenging, Corky and Sensei Pat would probably tell me – Don’t let anyone rain in your parade. Good riddance. Hasta la vista, baby. Their loss. Don’t let their foolishness get to you. Just focus on making your life outstanding. Miss them badly 🙁

Love to you all ❤❤❤ #rackoflamb #tofu #sesame #blessings

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