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Spicy Crispy Chicken with Organic Baby Spinach in 15 minutes


By Esther Yang, AsAmNews Staff Writer

5 Ingredients – 15 minutes (chicken, garlic, crushed or whole red peppers, organics baby spinach, and carrots).

No chicken? Use beef, spareribs, or fish. Vegan or vegetarian? Use zucchini, carrots, tofu, or tempeh. Cannot stand spicy food? Forget the red pepper.

You do you. Trust me, it will taste as good. If your heart is in it, everything will taste delicioso.

photo by Esther Yang

 If you do not like the chicken breast as a whole, you are welcome to cut it up and make it crispier.  I love my chicken crispy. I tried it, as is a whole chicken breast. It wasn’t crispy enough for me, so I cut it up, add more of my garlic oil concoction, and made it crispier. Then add extra baby spinach. Problem solved. See 2 photos of the chicken.

NYC had a snowstorm blizzard. The best way to deal with a blizzard and thunderstorm is to stay home and eat your favorite food.  Anything spicy is my favorite comfort food. My cooking never has rice or pasta in it. I know – am too weird. Honestly, pasta, rice, bread do not have that much nutritional value. I eat them on my cheat time. I love my cheat day ❤.

Not only that, but I gave away my rice cooker, my toaster, and microwave. That was challenging! I am trying so hard to be a minimalist. Most of the time, I failed miserably. 

photo by Esther Yang

I am Cooking the old-fashioned way by using a cast-iron skillet. FYI, I bought a cast iron skillet set from Bed Bath and Beyond for $29 (3 cast iron skillets – super cheap). I joined their membership, so I get another 20% of everything. Well worth it. My humble opinion. 

I don’t have those fancy-schmancy knives. I use a steak knife to cut all my veggies and meat. Being a minimalist helped me to not have clutter in the kitchen. I have one big pot to cook soup, 3 cast iron skillets, 2 other pans that I am working to get rid of. At the end of this month, I must part with it.

My emotion is sticky, and it always gets me in trouble. I can hear my mom arguing- “Keep everything, you will need it!!!” You see – it is NOT the 2 pans that I am working to get rid of but the argument of my mom in my head. I trust none of you have a tiger mom. Is your mom or dad yelling at you in your head? Let’s share stories, my tiger mom is worse than yours, blah blah, blah….

The actual truth of my cooking – I cannot teach yoga, changed my outfit, and do a cooking video. So, all of you just have to put up with what I am wearing. Doing my best and I love being imperfect. I tried to be perfect for so many years. It was way too stressful. I decided to just be imperfect and let other people make fun of me. The “who cares” attitude is better for my health :). My secret to my happiness.

The recipe:
1. I am the laziest chef. I made my oil concoction in a mason jar – olive oil, fresh garlic (1clove or more), sliced up a carrot or not, crushed red peppers, and salt. You can also add dry parsley, basil, or black pepper.

Esther Yang photo

I use this Esther’s oil garlic concoction for making crispy chicken, spare ribs, fish, veggies, or whatever. I put it in the fridge, use 2 tablespoons or three for the above. Or on my cheat day, I use it as my dipping oil for my bread. 
This garlic oil concoction will last for months in the fridge. I just keep adding garlic and olive oil to it.

Eataly has this outstanding prosciutto and provolone bread. You must try it. If not, toasted everything bagel dipped with the oil or add tomatoes and Parmesan cheese and make yourself some bruschetta (see photo). 

Show me what you got! Tag me and AsAmNews. Remember that food tastes better when your heart is in it. If your heart is not in it, go spend money and order in. No money? Be good to your neighbors and friends, let them cook for you. When there is a will, there is a way. Have fun cooking. Happy eating. Love to you all ❤❤❤.  Listen to no one. Your kitchen, your domain. #savesmallbiz #dorestaurants #happyeveryday

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