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Photographer defends beauty blogger against accused racist

Image via Instagram

Beauty blogger Maria Ha shared with her followers a terrifying incident which occurred Sunday in New York.

“I was on my way to a photoshoot this afternoon when this woman comes up very close to my face, makes direct eye contact (stare down) with me and says “You’re not from here. Go back to communist China bitch.” I was honestly shocked and didn’t really know how to react.”

The incident triggered the photographer who was with Ha yesterday.

He immediately pulled out his phone and confronting the woman as she attempted to escape in a taxi.

“Did you say go back to China, bitch?” the photographer screams.

“You’re stalking me, you’re stalking me,” the woman responds from the back seat of the taxi.

“I’m not touching you,” he responds.

“You’re stalking me,” the woman repeats as she reaches out to try to close the door.

“You leave me along. You’re preventing me from getting into my car.”

“She said, ‘go back to f*cking China, bitch,’ the photographer states for the camera.

The cab driver demands she get out of the cab, but she refuses to budge.

“Did you say communist China?” the photographer asks.

“Isn’t that where you’re from,” she responds.

“I think that just says it all right there – why are you saying these racist things when you don’t know where we’re from? But more importantly why are you saying this to people AT ALL??” Ha wrote on Instagram.

Ha hopes someone will recognize the woman and report it.

Warning: the following video contains foul language.

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