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New report analyzes race of perpetrators in anti-Asian attacks

A new report out analyzing the race of suspects in anti-Asian attacks found in 184 incidents analyzed, news articles identified 89% of the suspects as White.

The report relied on information culled from news accounts. The authors from the University of Michigan’s Viral Hate Project reviewed 4,337 stories connected to 1,023 unique incidents.

Those stories identified the race of the suspects in just 18 percent of the incidents. In those incidents, the stories identified 165 of the offenders as White and 10 as Black.

“The information that we have, while limited and imperfect, does not support the common claim that Black hostility is driving the current epidemic of anti-Asian racism and violence,” the authors wrote.

Melissa Borja, Ph.D. and Jacob Gibson, who wrote the report, acknowledged more work needs to be done on this topic to uncover trends in anti-Asian harassment and practices in the news media’s coverage of race.

The report also found most of the offenders are male rather than female. News media accounts identified the gender of the offender in 470 incidents.

76% were men versus 24% women.

The report also analyzed what it identified as stigmatizing comments made by politicians. The authors identified 157 such incidents.

In 152 of those incidents, the offender aligns with the Republican Party. Just under 50% came from the White House and 20% came from members of Congress.

Other findings in the study confirm what had previously been reported by Stop AAPI Hate.

The overwhelming majority of the incidents involve harassment and vandalism. 679 of the 1,023 unique instances.

Just under 80% of those incidents involve verbal harassment. 16% involve physical harassment.

Chinese Americans account for 58% of the victims followed by Koreans (15%), Vietnamese (9%), Filipinos (7%), Hmong (5%), and Japanese (3%).

65% of the victims identified as female.

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  1. So we are led to disbelieve our eyes when we see videos of black men and others beating Asians? They sure don’t look like white supremacists to me. Maybe my brown Asian eyes are lying to me!

  2. Andrew Sullivan: When The Narrative Replaces The News – How the media grotesquely distorted the Atlanta massacres

    “Notice how Critical Race Theory operates. The only evidence it needs it already has. Check out the identity of the victim or victims, check out the identity of the culprit, and it’s all you need to know. If the victims are white, they don’t really count. Everything in America is driven by white supremacist hate of some sort or other. You can jam any fact, any phenomenon, into this rubric in order to explain it. The only complexity the CRT crowd will admit is multiple, “intersectional” forms of oppression: so this case is about misogyny and white supremacy. The one thing they cannot see are unique individual human beings, driven by a vast range of human emotions, committing crimes with distinctive psychological profiles, from a variety of motives, including prejudices, but far, far more complicated than that.”


  3. Heather MacDonald: Race and False Hate Crime Narratives

    “Inner-city animus against Asian small business owners is also longstanding, as the 1992 Los Angeles riots and the 1990 Big Apple grocery boycott in New York City recall. The predominantly black character of the attacks on elderly Asians may be euphemistically acknowledged in only one context: disparate impact. Racial justice advocates oppose a law enforcement response to those attacks because, the New York Times explained, going to the police would have a disparate impact on “Black and Latino communities.” Actors Daniel Kim and Daniel Wu had offered a $25,000 reward to anyone who helped find the assailant in the January 31st assault on the 91-year-old man and two other Asians in Oakland. Teen Vogue contributor Kim Tran criticized them both for failing to understand “why it’s problematic to offer 25k for information about a Black man in Oakland.” In response to a polite objection, she added: “this looks a lot like a bounty on a Black person funded by Asian American celebrities.” According to Time magazine, the reward underscored the problem of how to “tackle anti-Asian violence without relying on law enforcement institutions that have historically targeted Black and brown communities.” Neither Time nor Kim Tran explicitly said that anti-Asian violence is predominantly black—we are left to uncover that fact for ourselves.”


  4. @Chief


    Even if you don’t believe this study you can check the publicily available FBI data on hate crimes. In 2019, Blacks and Whites were overrepresented in crime rates against Asians. Of course, overwhelmingly like this data supports, the majority of the attackers were males as males are dominant in all types of crimes over females (except prostitution). I dont believe in letting black men get away from their overrepresented data in crimes against Asians but I find it strange how there has been no word about it against white men who in America do not target any race outside of their own statistically and are specifically only choosing Asians to target outside of their own race at a rate similar to blacks. Also, many non Asian men who sexually assault or rape Asian women in Western countries are overwhelmingly white or black men because of their misogynistic, racist sexual fetishization of Asian women. I understand and know there is an issue of non Asian people (mostly men) seeing Asian people as fair game because of hideous stereotypes about that group but signaling out black people even though white people are statistically recorded in this country as being just as likely as offenders against asian people (while not doing it to other non whites, which stands out) is nothing more but disingenious culture wars American race baiting arguments.

  5. “The report relied on information culled from news accounts. The authors from the University of Michigan’s Viral Hate Project reviewed 4,337 stories connected to 1,023 unique incidents.”
    So YOU”VE seen EVERY incident of Asians being attacked? Try a little #CriticalThinking

  6. No, but you sure are dumb when there are just as many videos highlighting white people beating y’alls ass. Immediately after you all ran with this anti-Black crap, a white man went out a shot several of your women. But Black people get the blame? Please. I can find many videos of Asians berating and harassing Black people despite the fact Black people are some of the biggest supporters of the Asian dollar. Y’all don’t have the energy for the correct people actually doing you wrong. Bloop.

  7. your rationality decieves you instead.
    If an outlet is biased towards a certain variable, or if that variable is what garners the most attention in media then, it is what you will most likely be exposed to. Your exposure to it may not necessarily reflect its true frequency.

  8. Read carefully… “The report relied on information culled from news accounts. The authors from the University of Michigan’s Viral Hate Project reviewed 4,337 stories connected to 1,023 unique incidents.
    “Those stories identified the race of the suspects in just 18 percent of the incidents. In those incidents, the stories identified 165 of the offenders as White and 10 as Black.”

    This is really a story about anti-white bias in the media. Of the 1023 incidents, the media failed to report the race of the suspect 848 times. The media calls out the race of White suspects at 16x the rate they call out black suspects.

    And now, anti-white propagandists have put together a “study” of anti-white propaganda to use as evidence for more anti-white propaganda.

    It’s a whole ecosystem of anti-white propaganda.

  9. So of the 18% of NEWS ARTICLES that reported the perpetrators race, 89% were white. This is an incredibly misleading headline and it’s a useless statistic.

  10. Wtf are you stuck on that and willing to overlook that its mostly White men. How the f*ck is holding on to your blaming Black ppl only helping anything. It doesn’t it is foolish

  11. Police do not prevent crime. They show up after, and often make things worse. Pay attention to regular police killings, they do not just kill Blacks, and many police are White supremacists. Soft on crime is bull .

  12. @Chief

    You are an asian white supremacist. No amount of facts will matter to you because you have a narrative you want to push and follow. People like you love to cite criminal statistics when they make black people look bad but when they do the opposite and exonerate black people then the statistics and data are no good. Just admit you hate black people and move on with your life?

  13. So buried at the very bottom is the type of incidents, 80% of which are verbal. They should have done a separate study that focused solely on violence. I think if they did that, they would have found a different result they didn’t want to show, the result that you see. So they have to dilute the results with verbal attacks. I find it very hard to believe a newspaper articles would print verbal abuse.

  14. Such meta-analysis is very likely skewed by bias or just racial sensitivity in news reporting. If the media are reluctant to report details in some cases, then those cases just disappear. It would be like finding that police violence against whites *never* happens, just because news has been more focused on the anti-Black events of late. Of course these are terrible and tragic and evil and should be reported widely, even if it sometimes — not at all infrequently — also happens to whites. But for statistical purposes, studies done by counting news articles is rather worthless, unless the study is on how reporting itself is done.

  15. maybe the news cycle is lying to you. but why? oh, yeah, to stop the almost world wide protests denouncing the slaughter of innocent blacks at the hands of racist police and politicians. and you fell for it

  16. Himarious.
    The aryicle actually is a backhanded report telling us that news reporters will not report the eaces clearly in articles unless the perp is white and the victim is not.
    So, this article actually proves that our professional repprting class, area bunch of paid liars.
    They really have to stretch reality to get it to fit their compleyely erro eous world view.
    Ever ask lib why all the world’s brown people are trying to get into every white country?
    Cam’t be because of white racism.
    The funniest thing about the world, is that it has been whites who pretty much fed and educated the entire earth via our genious and hard work ethics.
    That is why we have tl be blamed for everything, so that we continue to try to succeed, np matter how heavy the load placrd on our shoulders.
    In the book Animal Farm,, whites are represented by the workhorse, that suppprted the entire farm, until, it had been worked to death.
    Once TPTB wipe out whites, there will be nothing left to steal.
    The browns, having had theor means of living subsidized by whites for generations, have come tp expect frer handoits from whites.
    I strongly suggest, that if all the whites of the world simply chose to stop playing along one day, and they all simultaneously stopped producing, the engine of the banking world (usury, which has enslaved humans since ancient Sumeria)) could be at long last killed.

  17. may depends on the racial balances of the areas reporting. the cities, NYC, LA, SF, etc may well have different percentages than, say Jefferson City in MO, knoxville, TN, and so on. I live 50 miles from NYC. And every single video they have from the multiple cameras every single perpetrator of violence against Asians have been Black. It just does not fit the pc narrative around here. Perhaps Jefferson city and other smaller places in different areas, whites are more prevalent.

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