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New Study Finds Most Perpetrators of Anti-Asian Hate Crimes Are White

New analysis of anti-Asian hate crime statistics reveals a majority of perpetrators are White, NBC News reports.

Janelle Wong, a professor of American Studies at the University of Maryland, College Park examined nine sources and four different data states relating to anti-Asian hate crimes. She looked at data from Stop AAPI Hate, Pew Research and official law enforcement statistics.

Wong’s analysis revealed that more than three-quarters of perpetrators of anti-Asian hate crimes and incidents, before and during the pandemic, were White.

Unfortunately, news reports and social media often encourage the idea that most anti-Asian violence and discrimination is committed by people of color, NBC News reports.

“This is really how crime is framed in the United States — it’s framed as the source is Black,” Wong told NBC News.

Wong says a misreading of a study from the American Journal of Criminal Justice, which examined anti-Asian hate crimes and incidents from 1994-2014, may have also contributed to misplaced blame. The study found that compared to anti-Black and anti-Latino hate crimes, a higher proportion of perpetrators of anti-Asian hate crimes were people of color.

Ultimately, however, the study found that more than three-quarters of the perpetrators were White.

The misconceptions perpetuate harmful racial stereotypes, specifically anti-Blackness, NBC News reports. Yet, Wong pointed out that despite the rise in anti-Asian hate crimes, Black people are the most targeted racial group.

Wong added that the misconceptions can also hurt opportunities for racial solidarity. Most anti-Asian attackers are not people of color, however, research suggests that most people of color are concerned about the rise in anti-Asian hate.

A poll conducted by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research found that 85 percent of Black Americans and 82 percent of Hispanic Americans were at least somewhat concerned about the violence against Asians had increased during the pandemic. Only 74 percent of White Americans were at least somewhat concerned.

Within those groups, 50 percent of Black Americans, 47 percent of Hispanic Americans and 41 percent of White Americans were extremely concerned.

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