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Ex-beauty queen double downs on racist video

A former Miss Oregon is back with a racist video she took down and apologized for in 2016.

The video shows Jennifer Murphy singing her original song, I Want to be a Neenja, live at a promotional event.

The tune is performed with an exaggerated Japanese accent while a stunned Asian American woman watches-alternating between an awkward smile and an astonished frown.

“I want to be a person who is positive and uplifting to others. Clearly in this instance, this has not been the case, and I have learned a valuable lesson,” she said in 2016.

​”I sincerely apologize to every person that has felt pain and offense because of me, and I ask their forgiveness.”


That “valuable lesson” was quickly forgotten. She did a sequel to her video shortly after.

Now she’s reposted the original video and also released a companion music video.

Tiktoker Normalnemo is urging his 58,000 followers to clap back at Murphy.

“Just the clear disrespect,” he says. “She has no shame. I personally think she needs another round of public backlash. After the whole Asian community has said this is offensive…my God, woman.”

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  1. Eh….cancel culture is so stupid these days I think I’d rather post this video just to annoy cancel culture. Plus all the free advertising cancel culture gives her for free is HILARIOUS

    • It’s blatently racist. Cancel culture has nothing to do with it numbnuts. I spent 26 years in the Army and have a pretty foul mouth. That being said, I can still tell the difference between ignorant fun and blatant racism. You’ve obviously lived a pretty sheltered and protected life and wouldn’t make it in the real world. Take your own advice and STFU little tony.

      • Oh stop it. What does being in the Army have to do with anything. Way to shoehorn that in. This woman is highly unfunny and seems like a garbage person, but there’s nothing “racist” about this cartoonish caricature of Asians—something they have done to poke fun at the stereotype, as has pop culture and society for years. Nobody gave a shit when Michael Scott (Steve Carrell) did his ‘Ping’ character on ‘The Office’—complete with Chinese eyes and buck teeth on a network television show—but here in 2023 in the cancel culture era, we now deem an unfunny bit as ‘racist’. Blacks and others can make fun of stereotypical whites—the uptight nerdy voice, the ‘Karen’ stereotype, etc.—and it’s laughed at, when the INTENT is to absolutely mock and fun of white people. There is NONE of that here. This unfunny woman is making Chinese people a cartoon character the same way tranny Dylan Mulvaney is a Barbie doll cartoon character pretending that’s how all women act. Toughen up, Army Man. You’re sounding a little beta, woke and soft here. No wonder our military is going down the drain.

  2. Hi. Asian guy checking in.

    It’s offensive. Mocking accents and promoting stereotypes isn’t okay. It was once, isn’t anymore. It’s just insensitive. Don’t much care if anyone gets ridiculed or cancelled. Also don’t care if it wasn’t meant to hurt anyone or just have fun.

    Mistakes were made. Learn and move on.

    Her mistake was to not learn from what she admitted was a misstep from years ago. Cancel her for being stupid, not for being racist.

  3. Seriously any time a person imitates a stereotypical voice such as that blonde B did it is racist. The fact that a lady of Asian descent was invited to watch such a disgusting display of racist BS is beyond the pale. That “Jen” is a no talent who needs to expand on her prior racist experiment just shows what kind of sick minded person she is know to be.


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