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Group suspended by Emerson College. Accused of Asian hate

A conservative student group at Emerson College in Boston is protesting its suspension by the University after the group distributed stickers which said “China kinda sus.”

“Sus” is slang for dishonest or suspicious.

The university subsequently banned TPUSA Emerson from hosting events or reserving campus space, according to The National Desk, a division of Sinclair broadcasting, a conservative news outlet.

William Gilligan, interim president of Emerson College, said the “expression of free ideas” does not supersede the right of “all members of our community feel a sense of belonging.”

However, TPUSA Emerson says the university is violating its free speech rights and says its target is the Chinese Communist Party and not Chinese or Asian students on campus.

The Foundation of Individual Rights in Education or FIRE has come out in support of the student group.

“If anything is ‘kinda sus,’ it’s Emerson’s overblown response to the stickers,” said FIRE attorney Adam Steinbaugh in a letter to Emerson.

“Emerson must make this right by immediately dropping the investigation and affirming that criticism of a foreign government is not discriminatory harassment,” he said.

The Berkeley Beacon, Emerson’s campus newspaper, published an op-ed by student Justin Chen which accused TPA USA of “generalizing 1.4 billion people from China and the Asian Community as“sus.”

He says many Asian students on campus have expressed their concern to him and said they feel less welcomed at Emerson.

“This includes the Chinese international students and Asian American students at the college. Many students called out their wrongdoing and expressed their anger to the organization on its Instagram page,” he wrote.

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  1. Without Chinese contribution the high tech industry would tank. Look how many positions are held by Asians in key positions.. See how far China has surpassed the USA in Tech because of its brain power nobody else would be able to challenge the USA. Countries have had more time and more money and have not accomplished one hundreth as much as China has in the field of Tech, Science, Manufacturing, Development etc. It takes more than money, it takes intelligence and hard work.

  2. I don’t think this has much to do with high technology. But then again, the Chinese government does use some cutting edge tech to assist with its genocide. So maybe you are right.

  3. Interesting point of view. No one is saying Asians aren’t an important part of the tech community. What theses students are saying is the Chinese government is one of the most oppressive on earth – and the reaction to their “China kinda sus” stickers shows how scared some institutions are of offending them.

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