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Whites lying about race on college admission applications

More than one out of three White students admitted to lying about their race thinking it would improve their chances to get into college, a new survey has found.

The Hill reports the poll of 1250 White college applicants by Intelligent revealed 34% of White students falsely listed themselves as a minority on their college applications.

Most falsely claimed to be Native American-48%. 13% claimed to be Latino, 10% to be Black with 9% claiming to be Asian American or Pacific Islander.

81% said they lied to improve their chances of being admitted to the college of their choice. 50% admitted to lying to improve their chances of getting minority-focused financial aid.

An earlier report by Hill in 2019 found that during the college admissions scandal when children of wealthy parents faked their credentials to get into college, many were encouraged to falsely claim minority status.

William Singer, a guidance counselor who pleaded guilty to four counts, allegedly told applicants to lie about being racial minorities.

Singer supposedly told applicants not doing so would put them at a “competitive disadvantage.”

The Informant survey found 77% of those who faked being minorities on their college applications won admission into those colleges.

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  1. Someone should at least tell them that claiming to be Asian greatly reduces their chances of getting in. If you are Asian, it is smarter to claim to be white. The word “lying” is a little strong considering that there is no scientific method of establishing the race of an individual from their DNA. Geneticists concluded over thirty years ago that there was too much genetic mixing to allow that and decided that “race” is a social convention. The absence of any method of determining someone’s race legally makes accusations of “lying” pointless. You can’t lie if there is not truth to tell.

  2. If the person doesn’t have the genetic markers to prove him or her say she or he is then they are lying..DNA does work

  3. Are you (rather moronically) claiming that a DNA test should be administered to prove race for college admissions? I guess it doesn’t really matter in your case, because you also have to pass high school or have a GED too.

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