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It’s a pair of boys for Jamie Chung and Bryan Greenberg

Jamie Chung and Bryan Greenberg released more details about their new arrivals on Instagram.

Chung posted a photo of mom and dad seeing their grandchild for the first time.

It’s been really sweet to have both sets of grandparents meet the babies this week.

Dad looked especially thrilled seeing the boys for the first time.

In an Instragram story, Greenberg proclaimed “My boys will be ready for NYC,” reported US Magazine.

“Both Bryan and Jamie have their hands full and are busy with their new little ones but are loving it and are very excited for this adventure,” a source exclusively told Us earlier this month.

The parents never announced the children prior to their arrival, but have posted in the past about freezing her eggs, according to People.

The magazine says Chung recently attended the premiere of Dexter in New York, then immediately flew home to be with the children.

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