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Penn law prof claims country better with “fewer Asians”

Penn Law School is denouncing statements by one of its own law professors after she said “the United States is better off with fewer Asians and less Asian immigration,” reports the Daily Beast.

The controversy began during an interview Wax gave to Glenn Loury, a professor at Brown University. She argued that immigrants are hard to integrate into American society.

“It’s just harder to assimilate those people or to have confidence that our way of life will continue if we bring a lot of people in who are not familiar with it,” she said, according to the Daily Beast.

She said the immigration of Asians differed from those who entered illegally south of the border saying that the Asian immigrants who enter through a screening process presented a different challenge.

“There’s this…danger of the dominance of an Asian elite in this country, and what does that mean? What is that going to mean to change the culture,” she went on to ask.

Wax defended her comments by doubling down.

“As long as most Asians support Democrats and help to advance their positions, I think the United States is better off with fewer Asians and less Asian immigration,” she said, according to Above the Law. “There needs to be more focus on people who are already here, and especially the core (and neglected) “legacy” population, and a push to return to traditional concepts and institutions and Charles Murray’s “American Creed.”’

Prominent Asian American blogger Jeff Yang said Wax is not racist, she’s “super racist.”

Theodore Rutger, the Dean of the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School, also pushed back on Wax’s comments.

“Like all racist generalizations, Wax’s recent comments inflict harm by perpetuating stereotypes and placing differential burdens on Asian students, faculty, and staff to carry the weight of this vitriol and bias.

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