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Shopper denies telling Asian woman to “go back to your country”

By Louis Chan, AsAmNews National Correspondent

(Editor’s Note: Updated January 25 with statement from Lowe’s)

An Asian American woman took out her cell phone camera and demanded an apology after another shopper allegedly told her to “go back to your country.”

Xina Hu said the woman approached her as she sat on two fire pits as she waited for her father to return with a cart to help her load the merchandise.

“One lady came up with a Lowe’s worker said ‘I want one of these.’ I said ‘I’m sorry, I’m taking both. I’m just waiting for my dad to help me load it.’

“She said ‘did you pay for it?’

“Not yet.”

“Then I’m going to take one from you.”

“Alright, “I’m going to give you one.”

The woman then took one of the fire pits and allegedly responded ‘This is how it works here. You haven’t paid for it. I can take it from you. My daughter works here.’

“Hold on,” Hu replied. I was being nice to you and let you have one.”

That’s when the woman allegedly said “Go back to your country.”

Hu took out her cell phone camera and demanded an apology.

She posted that video on Facebook.

The woman denied saying ‘go back to your country.’

“No, I said go back to where that’s the way it works,” the woman responded.

A Lowe’s employee asked her to delete the video.

“There’s nothing you need the video for. There’s no crime being commited,” the employee said.

“She is being very racist. Told me to go back to your country,” Hu said.

“Is your well-being or life being threatened while you’re in the store?” the employee asked. “Are you hurt. Are you injured?”

“My heart hurts,” Hu replied. “Because she said go back to your country. It’s nothing to you because you’re White.”

“She needs to apologize to me,” said Hu. “Don’t make it like a little deal.”

“You’re making it a much bigger thing with your phone out right now…you’re being hostile. To me you are the threatening one in this situation.”

Hu refused to delete the video and has now shared it on social media.

On January 24, Lowe’s sent the following statement to AsAmNews.

“We were appalled to hear about this experience.  At Lowe’s, discrimination of any kind is unacceptable. We spoke to Ms. Hu and apologized, letting her know we are taking swift action to address the matter. Our intent is to always ensure customers feel valued, respected, and welcome. We are committed to creating a safe and open environment for all customers,” Lowe’s said.

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