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Michelle Yeoh faces racist backlash. Producer speaks up

They say haters going to hate. That’s even what actress Michelle Yeoh is finding out.

Star Trek since the 60s has made representation a priority in its casting, but somehow seeing Yeoh as Captain Philippa Georgiou in Star Trek Discovery riled up some the wrong way.

Executive producer Jenny Lumet addressed the controversy head-on during a recent roundtable with the Hollywood Reporter.

“The hate mail,” exclaimed Lumet. “’There are no Black people or Asian people in space!’ Yeah, I know. It’s tricky. There’s the blue guy over there and a tentacle guy over there, but Michelle Yeoh? What the fuck is she doing there?” (Laughter.)

The racists appear to be equally offended by Black actress Sonequa Martin-Green in the lead role of Michael Burnham and the cameo of former Congressional Representative Stacey Abrams as the president of 32nd Century United Earth in this season’s finale.

Fox News commentator accused the producers of taking the Startrek Enterprise where it’s never gone before-woke politics.

Star Trek Alum George Takei tweeted a very trekkie reference.

IDIC is a reference Trekkies will recognize as standing for “Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combination,” a Vulcan philosophy first established in the original TV series.

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  1. And so in this sci-fi fantasy, these haters think there are really people in space? And somehow they know only white people are in space? Wow. Hate trumps intelligence.

  2. Those people obviously never bothered watching Star Trek in any of its earlier iterations, going back to the original TV series. Sulu, anyone? Uhura? And Spock being mixed human/Vulcan (i.e. mixed race)? These complainers just total, blithering idiots.


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