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Pressure grows for SF school board member to resign

The teachers union Friday joined a growing list of organizations in San Francisco calling for school board member Ann Hsu to resign.

As AsAmNews reported Wednesday, Hsu ignited anger when she blamed lack of family support in the Black and Brown communities for causing children “to not be able to focus on or value learning.”

“It is sad and stunning that someone who is supposed to represent the interests of all San Francisco public school students responded in a written candidate survey with racist and offensive comments,” said United Educators of San Francisco President Cassondra Curiel in a statement to AsAmNews. “Ann Hsu has no place in the education of our children and must resign and get out of the school board race.”

Other groups who have called on Hsu to resign include the Asian Pacific Islander Council, the San Francisco Latinx Democratic Club and the district’s African American Parents Advisory Council. In addition, three San Francisco Supervisors have also called for her resignation, reported the San Francisco Chronicle.

Both San Francisco Mayor London Breed, who appointed Hsu to the board after the recall of three other board members, along with the Chinese Parent Advisory Council have defended her.

“What I’m hopeful is that we don’t just dismiss this and say, ‘Oh, she needs to resign,’” Breed said in an interview with Chinese language media, according to the San Francisco Examiner. “How do we come together and make this a teaching moment? How do we prevent this from becoming politically divisive? Because she does, in fact, represent a bilingual constituency — and in many cases, a constituency that only speaks maybe Mandarin and Cantonese — who feel that they want a representative on the board.”

Hsu apologized for her remarks and later edited her statement which she made in a candidate questionnaire.

“I hold myself accountable for my words and will continue to listen, learn, and grow,” she said in an email to The Chronicle. “What’s important now is that I follow through on what I have vowed to do, which is to meet with and listen to people in the community, especially those families that were most affected by my comments. I’m not going to repeatedly speak out on this subject until I’ve had the opportunity to put in that work.”

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  1. This is the primary reason why it is important to understand one’s core beliefs. Ann Hsu should not remain on the school board committee. She expressed her negative views toward the black and brown communities very eloquently, which would indicate a clear core beliefs on her part. Unfortunately her core belief is a common belief within many Asian communities. Her continuation on the board will cause more pain and resentment.

    • Yes there’s racism within the Asian community, but please don’t paint the community with broad strokes. That’s no different from the mistaken believe held by some that anti-Asian hate crimes are perpetrated by specific communities.

  2. Ms. Hsu began her written statements by writing that “From my very limited exposure in the past four months to the challenges of educating marginalized students especially in the Black and brown community, . . .”

    Ms. Hsu, your exposure is indeed “very limited,” which is why you are unqualified to comment on this issue. Moreover, “Ms. Hsu,” you must also learn not to split an infinitive in a written comment. Yes, Ms. Hsu, I said “not to split an infinitive,” not “to not split an infinitive.”

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