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Man with machete hit by car & beaten in Honolulu Chinatown

Honolulu Police are seeking two people accused of intentionally ramming their vehicle into a man with a machete, reports the Star-Advertiser.

Authorities identified the machete-wielding man as Trevor Guttman. They say he had threatened two women, 21 and 19, and a 23-year-old man.

KITV reports they arrested Guttman in the terroristic threatening case, but later released him without charges.

Authorities have now launched an attempted murder case and are seeking the two people in the vehicle.

Video shown by KITV paints a timeline of the events.

It first shows a man with a machete threatening the group. He is later seen pounding his machete on the sidewalk. He is then hit from behind by a black SUV vehicle.

It’s at that point that the group pounces on the man, repeatedly hitting and kicking him while he is on the ground.

Guttman runs across the street and the group chases him down and continues to beat him.

It is unclear whether those who beat Guttman are connected to those in the vehicle.

You can watch the videos in the story below. The videos are disturbing. Viewer descretion is advised.

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  1. Hmmm… so the police release the guy who threatens others with a machete and they now want those in the car who apparently were attempting to protect those assaulted by the machete-wielding guy… on murder charges??? Either something is really wrong here or we don’t have the full story.

  2. The Two HEROES should be found , commended, and given Awards for their bravery !

    The Authorities must be related to or Followers of the Former/Now-Defenstrated LEFTIST BernTardian DA of San Francisco County : Cheesey 🧀🧀🧀🧀 Boudin.

    Boudin as the absolutely incompetent DA of San Francisco County made it his main mission to ” Lift Up The Voices of the Violent Criminals, especially the VIOLENT HATE CRIME CRIMINALS” . To the BernTardian DA, the “real ‘victims’ ” of violence were/are ALWAYS those who commit the Assaults; those whom they physically attack are at best just ” Collateral Damage ” .

    Trevor Guttman LUCKED OUT Big Time; anywhere else he would have gotten BLASTED Straight to HELL 🔥🔥🔥🔥 .

    RACIST Republican’t Trevor should count his blessings; that is if he still has enough marbles working properly in his Maleficent Brain 🧠 to do so !

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