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Store clerk killed execution style. Suspect held without bail

A suspect shot and killed a store clerk in the back of the head even though that clerk willingly turned over money from his cash register, detectives in Tupelo, Mississippi say.

The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal reports Chris Copeland, 26, faces charges in the murder of 33-year-old Parmvir Singh.

“With 27 years in law enforcement, this may be one of the worst ones I’ve ever seen,” said Police Chief John Quaka to the Post Millennial. “The victim was literally executed in the back of the head inside his store where he was trying to make a living. It is just absolutely outrageous. The prosecutor said it best — ‘it’s monstrous.'”

The suspect arrived at the store at the Chevron gas station demanding Singh hand over the cash. The clerk also opened the safe.

The suspect can be seen on surveillance video demanding that Singh get down on his knees. The gunman then hops over the counter and shoots Singh execution style.

Singh would arrive at the hospital in grave condition and died several hours later.

The Journal also reports a clerk at the nearby Dollar Store spotted Copeland wearing the exact same thing as the man seen on video shooting Singh. An employee recognized Copeland and identified him to police.

Police showed up at Copeland’s last known address with a search warrant. He later approached officers and police arrested him without incident.

He faces life without parole or death. He had been out on probation and also had an outstanding warrant. He has an extensive criminal history.

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    • Interesting. Most people don’t think of Tupelo, MS as a bastion of liberalism.
      Here are the facts:
      Lee County, MS is Very conservative. In Lee County, MS 33.0% of the people voted Democrat in the last presidential election, 65.5% voted for the Republican Party, and the remaining 1.5% voted Independent.

      In the last Presidential election, Lee county remained overwhelmingly Republican, 65.5% to 33.0%.
      Lee county voted Republican in every Presidential election since 2000
      State office holders are 100 percent Republican:,_Mississippi

  1. Who can keep voting for the Democrat party in this country, when it’s obvious they are anti-police and pro criminal? I switched parties in 2015 as I saw this demonization of law enforcement and going easy on criminals getting out of hand.
    But you won’t see this story anywhere on the liberal mainstream media. Know where I saw it? : on Fox News.
    My doctor is Sikh and they are good people. This crime makes me sick.

    • The governor of Mississippi is Republican Tate Reeves since 2020 and before him was Republican Dewey Bryant. The mayor of Tupelo is Republican Todd Jordan.

  2. Empathy to this man’s family.Wife and children waiting for him to come home after work,like every other day,but they will never see him again. A hard working religious man dead because of some pos criminal that should still be in jail from all the other crimes he committed.We must stop this insanity!

  3. We are hard working people who respect each and everyone and no one has right to take anyones life. Thy guy who did all this should be punished and should never come out of jail. Justice for Paramvir Singh

  4. That guy is a savage, not even a human being. He should spend every day of the rest of his life suffering.

    Summer time? Run heat into his cell.

    Winter? No blankets.

    Food? Glad you asked. Bread and water. Of course the bread will be used by someone as toilet paper first.

    Rough? At least he’s got “something” to eat. That’s more consideration than he gave Mr. Singh

  5. Haha what does the democratic party have to do with this???… You think Republicans are saints?…. roger stone was secretly gay rapist that had Nixons face tattood on his back and would party on Jeffrey Epstein’s Island doing sick stuff and he was republican…. It has to do with mental health and carelessness, we need to rehabilitate and not treat people like animals so they don’t act like animals…. Do some research on Finland’s prison statistics nowadays… No one’s cares about your silly snake oil (dumb republican bullsh*t) and rest in peace to the clerk… I hope the robber gets tortured in prison


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