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NYPD breaks up outdoor gambling in Chinatown park

New York Police moved in to break up gambling in Columbus Park near New York Chinatown.

The New York Post reports authorities dismantled the outdoor gambling operation which attracted hundreds of people, some who wagered big amounts.

The police operation followed a story in the Post last week highlighting the casino-level gambling.

Facebook user Joe Chan posted a photo of the park virtually shut down.

“Wow, what happened to all those Chinatown basement casinos?” one commenter asked.

“Happened after a NY Post article wrote another.”

“They have a new location by Manhattan Bridge/ Forsyth,” said a third person.

However, not everyone was convinced.

“Were they playing for big money in those games? Usually when I am there, I saw people playing chess with a big crowd watching, I guess they can be betting on that, also I saw older ladies playing cards, I can’t imagine they are playing for big bucks!”

The Post reported that as many as six people were cited in the weekend bust. The newspaper said it was known that an area of the park was taken over by dealers in the morning. Players placed large wages on gai-gow poker or Chinese blackjack, the newspaper said.

“There’s nowhere else in New York this is happening,” said Jason Roman. “This is casino-level gambling right here.”

Operators of the game reportedly showed up in the early morning to make sure non-gamblers did not come and claim the tables, according to the report.

“They come and sit right next to you, [and] set up the tents right above you [if you’re sitting],” said one park user. “They make you feel really uncomfortable.”


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