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Group founded by Trump aide lying to win Asian Am votes for GOP

A group founded by Trump aid Stephen Miller is blatantly spreading a fake hiring ad that state “Asians and Whites need not apply” and that “applicants must be Black and Latinx,” reports WRAL in Raleigh, North Carolina, a pivotal swing state.

This spread of misinformation follows a familiar script for Trump and his associates – say anything to get their potential voters angry at Democrats in total disregard for the truth. Many Trump supporters still believe Trump won the 2020 presidential election as evidenced by the January 6 insurrection and the many election deniers representing Republicans on the 2022 ballot.

CBS reports more than half of the GOP candidates are election deniers.

Many of the fake ads being sent to voters are aimed at winning Republican support from Asian Americans.

“I recognized in that moment — this is misinformation, disinformation and a very hateful form of disinformation,” said Su Cho who received one of the mailers, reported WRAL. “It was shocking to see that and the language, of course.”

The group behind the ad is American First Legal Foundation, a conservative group founded by Miller, according to Indy Week.

Besides North Carolina, the ads are also being sent to voters in Arizona, Virginia, California, Michigan, Nevada, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

One mailer says “Biden And Left-Wing Radicals are engaged in widespread racial discrimination against whites and Asian Americans…even though it’s against the law.”

Another says “Biden And The Left Want To Decide Who Gets Hired, And Who Gets Fired According To Their Skin Color” reads one of the inflammatory mailers. “Even Pilots Will Be Chosen Based On Skin Color, Not Flying Ability.”

North Carolina Asian Americans Together’s Chavi Khanna Koneru told WRAL “That kind of messaging is isolating. It’s alienating.”

“It’s clear to me that this is based on affirmative action and implying that affirmative action negatively affects the Asian community,” Town of Morrisville council member Steve Rao said.

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