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Anti-Asian insults hurled at Seattle gas station

“You heard what I said, go eat a dog with some rice,” a woman screamed at an Asian American at a Seattle gas station.

The incident caught on video and posted on Tiktok has gone viral and generated more than 400,000 views and several follow up videos.

Several people have questioned what the woman identified as only @lyncheemarteenee or Stephanie did to prompt such an angry reaction.

Stephanie says she and the other woman entered the gas station to pre-pay for their gas at about the same time.

An elderly Asian man behind the counter was attending to another customer when LyncheeMarteenee says the other woman asked for $6 on pump 1. When the clerk continued to help the other customer and did not respond immediately, LyncheeMarteenee says the angry woman threw her money angrily on the counter.

“She throws the cash in his face. Yeah, I’m not exaggerating. She throws and aggressively too over the plastic barrier and hits his face. I’m shocked…something about me is whenever I see people being rude to elderly Asian people in public, it triggers something to me…’I go whoa, don’t do that. It’s extremely rude. Why would you do that to anyone?’ and she goes ‘mind your own f*cking business.’

Both end up walking out to their vehicles and that’s where the confrontation continued.


Replying to @msgoood1 addressing weirdo comments like this one. here’s some context as to what happened leading up to me recording her. #racist #stopasianhate #seattle #publicfreakout #fyp #foryou #karensgoingwild #karensoftiktok

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Reporter Jonathan Choe of the Post Millenium tracked down the other woman and identified her as Ladonna Richie. Choe asked her if she wanted to apologize.

 “I don’t, not at all, I don’t,” Richie told Choe. She labeled @lycheemarteenee, who is only going by the first name of Stephanie after receiving online threats, as the aggressor.

She also says Stephanie called her the “N” word which Stephanie denies.

A video posted by Choe on Twitter shows him relentlessly questioning Richie. She greets him with numerous “F” bombs even after Choe identifies himself as a journalists. At one point of the video, Richie is seen throwing a rock at Choe and telling him to”eat dog with rice.”

“I was never once racist towards her,” Stephanie said to Choe. “The worst thing I called her was a disgusting racist.”

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