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Bored of virtual meetings? Here are tricks to keeping engaged

    By Dave Liu, AsAmNews Staff Writer

    What are the tricks of holding virtual meetings?

    Meetings can be exhausting but virtual ones can be very effective but they require planning. The easiest way to hold effective virtual meetings is to carve out time and space in your calendar. Many of us would like to believe that we can summon energy, engagement and enthusiasm when it’s convenient. But in reality, we need to get out of bed early, hit the ground running immediately and not check our email until after our daily tasks are completed.

    Virtual meetings are the best way to get face-to-face with people across the country and around the world. But most of us manage to pay a physical toll for that convenience. I’ve found some pretty effective ways of mitigating these costs, including going on walks or bike rides during conference calls, standing or lying down during long phone calls, setting up a “laptop pitstop” in my home office where I can stand while talking on the phone—you get the idea.

    One of the most powerful benefits of virtual meetings is you can hold them anywhere, anytime. Start with your agenda, agenda items and follow-up actions to help people stay on track. Then for each meeting, review feedback and prepare an action plan for next steps. In addition, don’t overlook opportunities for coaching and mentoring when you have time. Lastly, build trust so that people will not only trust in your ability but be willing to share their thoughts and feelings—this makes for higher levels of achievement.

    As a quick cheat sheet, here are some key tips for virtual meetings: 

    1. Make sure everyone knows the purpose of the meeting and why it’s important.
    2. Send materials ahead of time. The meeting should be for discussion, not regurgitation.
    3. Have everyone sign in 5 minutes ahead of time to avoid any surprises or delays.
    4. Schedule enough time for questions, discussion, and adjournment. A good virtual meeting should last around 30 to 45 minutes.

      About the Author

      Dave is a seasoned executive and entrepreneur who founded several companies in entertainment, investments, and technology and worked on Wall Street for almost 25 years.

      He rose from an entry-level position of Analyst to one of the youngest Managing Directors in firm history.  As one of the only managing directors of color in the firm, he successfully broke through the Bamboo Ceiling. He not only worked hard but also played the corporate game. 

      Dave also serves on the board of directors of Asian American Media Inc, the parent company of AsAmNews. He is also one of our largest donors.

      If you want some great career tips and insights check out Dave’s book, The Way of the Wall Street Warrior, at TheWallStreetWarrior.com.

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