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Geekwire chairman launches first all AAPI late-night talk show

“I always try new things.”

That is how Geekwire chairman and co-founder Jonathan Ng Sposato described his motivation in creating JoySauce Network – a multifaceted media platform focused on Asian Americans – during an interview with AsAmNews.

Jonathan Ng Sposato

“It’s almost like a parallel universe, where I feel that by default, portrayals of the Asian diaspora are always very positive and flattering and joyful and hopeful,” Sposato said. 

JoySauce Network boasts several different contents – from podcasts, scripted and non-scripted shows, editorials, stand-up comedy specials, and so much more.

On Dec. 3, JoySauce Network launched the first episode of its late-night talk show, JoySauce Late Night, with video game developer Kiki Wolfkill as the special guest.

Photo courtesy JoySauce Network

“In terms of cast, host, and guests, it’s the first all AAPI late-night talk show,” Sposato said. 

He added that JoySauce Late Night is a space to showcase various AAPI visionaries and leaders.

“Whether it’s three-time NASA astronaut Ed Lu, The Cleaning Lady producer, and showrunner Miranda Kwok, or Kiki Wolfkill, the creative director of Halo on the Xbox team – we can plug in all different kinds of really amazing, badass AAPI folks on the platform if you have sort of this late-night talk show format,” Sposato said.

JoySauce Late Night is Sposato’s nod to what he called “the most American of all things” and, for him, the last bastion of the white male patriarchy.

“This show and the platform is my answer to how can more BIPOC people be included or be part of spaces that have traditionally been just exclusively white male,” Sposato said.

“It is important to go into that space and to show the world our capabilities and what that can look like,” he added.

Photo courtesy of JoySauce Network

Sposato said that the guests they’ve invited to be on the show have expressed their excitement and were very impressed with the overall concept of JoySauce Late Night.

“People have been really generous and open with their time. Everyone that you might think of out there, has said yes. And if we can work within their schedule and limited window, we’ll make it work,” he said.

In the next few episodes of JoySauce Late Night, Sposato’s guest lineup will include screenwriter, creator, and executive producer Miranda Kwok. She talked about her experience as a BIPOC woman in Hollywood and her hit show, The Cleaning Lady.

Astronaut Ed Lu also appears on the show to share his stories of being on the International Space Station and being on a space shuttle. 

“He’s an incredible individual,” Sposato said about Lu. “He absolutely fascinated us with the work that he’s doing to prevent the Earth from being hit by a giant asteroid. His stories are so incredible to hear – the science and the great ideas behind that,” Sposato added.

Iconic playwright David Henry Hwang also graced JoySauce Late Night with his presence. Sposato described Hwang as “everyone’s favorite uncle.”

David Henry Hwang is a guest on the show // Photo courtesy of JoySauce Network

“He’s just a lovely, funny, warm individual who could speak so smartly about playwriting and how it’s changed to be an Asian American on Broadway and on television,” Sposato said.

He added that the audience of JoySauce Network can always look forward to being surprised and delighted by the fun, new things they will be launching on the platform.

Sposato said that the accumulated efforts and history of the entire AAPI community had paved the way for him to be able to create JoySauce Network.

“I would not be adding value to their work unless I also took it further, so you’ll find that everything we do on JoySauce has to make it through a filter: Is it new? Are we pushing the envelope?” Sposato said.

Through this platform, he hopes that the audience – from all across the globe – will realize that there is no proverbial box and that everyone’s potential is unlimited.

“Asian Americans or sometimes I’d like to say American Asians – to just a kind of flip the center of gravity on that a little bit – are a full spectrum, an amazing group capable of doing anything,” Sposato said.

“I think to most others, outside of our community, there’s an expectation that we stay in our lane. There’s an expectation that we’re in a box – that’s the dangers of the model minority myth,” he added.

He hopes that JoySauce Network can help dispel that myth and create a supportive network for the AAPI community and all non-Asian family members, friends, and allies. 

“We are better together, and there’s still so much work we need to do. But the more we can support each other, the more we can move the entire community forward,” Sposato said.

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