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Cho Chang trends on Twitter after another poorly-named Harry Potter character announced

Cho Chang is trending on Twitter after the Harry Potter universe announced another poorly-named character.

Hogwarts Legacy, an upcoming Harry Potter video game, announced that it would feature Harry Potter’s first transgender character: Sirona Ryan.

In the game, Sirona Ryan is a transwoman who owns the Three Broomsticks. Many trans activists criticized the name for its resemblance to the name “Sir Ryan.”

Another person pointed out that the name is an inaccurate blend of two similar cultures. Sirona is a Celtic goddess and Ryan is a common Irish surname. Celts refer to a group of Indo-European peoples identified as Celts for the use of the Celtic language and other cultural traditions. While some Celts live in what is now Ireland, Celtic and Irish cultures are not synonymous.

The poorly created name reminded fans and critics of other inaccurate Harry Potter character names like Kingsley Shackebolt and Cho Chang. Cho is traditionally a Korean name and Chang is a surname with Chinese origins.

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