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Chinese Am senior target of related anti-Asian attacks in Florida

An unknown assailant in Miami-Dade, Florida targeted a Chinese American elderly man in what is suspected to be a series of two related attacks that span half a year. 

Kin Pang, 63, was beaten by a metal bat in Aug. 2022 by an unknown man, suffering from a fractured arm, hematomas around the head and various bruises, NBC 6 reported. 

The man reportedly waited for 15 minutes in the parking lot of Pang’s condo before assaulting him with the bat. 

This past Sunday, Pang also had his car’s tires slashed in the same parking lot, WSVN reported. An unknown vandal punctured the tires of his car and drove off soon after. 

Pang’s family believe that he is specifically targeted due to his race, according to WVSN. They previously told WVSN that Asian hate related to tensions between the U.S. and China may have motivated these attacks. 

“There’s still a certain degree of discrimination against Asians and Asian Americans alike,” Kevin Pang, Pang’s son said to WSVN. 

The tailpipe of Pang’s car was also found to be stuffed with insulation in another incident in December, according to WSVN. 

The Pang family has now put their home up for sale due to the threats against Kevin’s father. 

“We just don’t wanna deal with this anymore,” Kevin told WSVN.

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