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Journey lead singer Arnel Pineda in a public feud with other band members

Filipino American frontman Arnel Pineda of the popular rock group Journey is at the center of controversy over a possible reunion of some band members.

The Music Times reports the bickering began when guitarist and vocalist Neal Schon suggested that founding band member and lead vocalist Greg Rolie return for the 50th-anniversary tour.

That plan was nixed, but when Schon’s wife Michaele publicly commented on social media that two Journey band members vetoed the idea, Pineda became irritated, Bravewords reported.

Some fans immediately blamed Jonathan Cain and Pineda for blocking Rolie’s return.

“You people are unbelievable…whoever’s spreading rumor about me regarding the #GregRollie issue are maliciously ignorant..im not gonna stoop down to your level,” said the vocalist at the time,” Pineda wrote.

He then went further, suggesting the band could get rid of him if they didn’t like him.

“If some of them are tired of me being with them, with all means, they can fire me anytime,” he wrote defiantly.”

That’s when former Journey frontman Jeff Scott Soto chimed in.

Classic Rock 96.1 reported Soto wrote

“You have NOTHING or NO ONE to answer to brother, you’re a kind, gentle and huge heart with a huge talent to match, it’s the age-old crap when you achieve success and happiness, there are many who want to break you down! Stay the course, YOUR course, I’m proud to be your friend,” said the vocalist.

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  1. Without Pineda Journey would have been lost and forgotten long time ago. I like Pineda because he is the Best Singer, and because he is from philippines. He gives 100percent on stage and keeps the Journey alive.

  2. It seems to me that their is constant strife and bickering going on in this band. And it’s usually centered around Neal and wife. Maybe nonstop touring isn’t the answer.

  3. There’s only one true lead singer of journey and everyone knows who it is and it’s not Pineda. He makes them a tribute band

  4. It may not b pleasant 4 them, but it would b a tragic loss 2 us fans😏Legacy music must b preserved and the best way 2 do that is enjoy it live🤩

  5. I think they need put Pineda and rollie together for a good tour for the 50th anniversary tour that would be awesome and would love to go seen journey 6 years ago and rasco flats best concerts I seen in awhile right before my heart Attack so would love to go again soon that was in St Louis thanks

  6. This entire mess is totally ridiculous ignorant, childish, immature, and completely unnecessary. Journey has always been an awesome band, but let’s face it without Arnel Pineda they would not have continued on for this long successfully. That’s my opinion and I believe I’m right I think he is a monumental talent And a shining example of integrity in a human being, compassionate, caring, and truly devoted to keeping journey at the forefront. Without him, I do not believe it could have been accomplished certainly not on this level for this continued amount of time. Why can’t people just grow up and acknowledge his contribution. I’m not saying the other artists are not equally as contributing and talented. It takes all of them together to create this band. It’s not just one individual, but without each one of these talents, combined together, they would not be the band journey and that’s reality. All this other nonsense really just has no place even being validated by exposure. I have been listening to this band since they first came out when I was a teenager in high school, so I think I’m qualified to to deliver an educated opinion as well as being correct .

  7. You’ll probably never find another singer like him.you all need to settle your differences and keep rocking for all us fans..stay safe everyone

  8. Arnel has given the band 15 years of extra life.. made them all $Millions.. and brought endless new fans to fill stadiums all around the world. “Discovering” him was the best thing that happened for him AND Journey.. so please stop all this hate and bickering towards one of the nicest Human beings you could ever wish to meet.. I know this for a fact as I knew AP long before Journey came knocking on his door.
    The vile and malicious tweets need to stop..NOW.

  9. I personally like Schons’s “Journey Through Time Band” it had Gregg Rollie in it who does great dual vocals and leads. Plus you had Deen Castronova who is in my opinion a much better Steve Perry clone than Arnel. What’s even more amazing is that Deen does this all while playing drums! Don’t believe me? https://youtu.be/B_DZ4aBt4Eo

    • Steve can’t sing the songs anymore. That’s the main reason he kept turning down invitations to come back. Arnold even told him he would step down. No way he can possibly sing those songs. He doesn’t have the voice anymore. He has to sing softer music without all the highs. So without him Arnel is the only one that can sing them and can sing even higher notes if needed but he tries to keep everything as original as possible without Steve. In my opinion much better Singer but I also understand that the original singer is always the sound of the band. I don’t like AC/DC anymore. Bon Scott is AC/ DC no matter how well the band is doing now. And all the other bands. But something about Arnel makes me feel different. And he has been with the band longer than Steve or anyone else. A lot of this is my opinion. The rest is truth.

  10. Steve Perry was smart to leave Journey, he made the best choice ever. I do understand the reason Steve left, it was all the childish drama he saw and in a old Interview Steve say’s it was not up to Neil or Jon to Force him into his Hip Replacement Surgery, it is and was A big desision for Steve. However so glad Steve is no longer part of this Drama. And yes all member’s should call it by Retiring 50 Year’s it is A long run. Little Foot Note NO ONE COULD HAVE EVER REPLACED THE VOICE. àka Steve Perry he was Journey, Bless Him.

  11. Dear Mr. Pineda: Thank you for your exceptional musical talent as Journey’s lead vocalist and representation of the Philippines. Sadly, you are witnessing first-hand the effects of Rock Star narcissism, greed and self-absorbed egomania. You fill Steve Perry’s shoes nicely and I appreciate your contributions as a contributing songwriter on the Freedom album. The dysfunction that exists in the band is the result of decades of ‘It’s All About ME!!!” by others and there is nothing you can do for those people; take care of yourself, get some counseling for a healthier perspective and don’t let anyone talk BS to you, mate. Cheers.

  12. Without the brilliant and unmistakable sound of one Steve Perry, Journey is now merely a cover band. If you think I’m wrong next time while out In public and you hear a Journey song such as “Don’t stop believing” listen to who the voice singing it is. It is Steve Perry. Like in any juke box or even the song playing at the horrible series ending of the show The Sopranos. Steve Perry is thee sound of Journey not just some times but FAITHFULLY!

  13. Neal’s wife needs to keep her nose and mouth out of the bands business. Does Neal have to have his wife fight his battles? Let the band members make the decisions !
    If two members say no, than let the decision stand !
    Hey Neal, ask your wife if she would she can replace your lead singer if you piss him off enough? Grow up, do what you do best, make music!

  14. Steve Perry was the hit-maker. He was the force that drove Neil’s cool Santana-esque project into a multi-million dollar music machine.
    Steve Perry’s Songwriting (or co-writing) contributions include:
    Don’t Stop Believin’
    Any Way You Want It
    Open Arms
    Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’
    Oh Sherrie
    Send Her My Love
    Walks Like a Lady
    Who’s Crying Now
    Stay Awhile
    Without these epic hits, a Journey concert would be_________________.

  15. I can’t even believe what I’m hearing. So many of you summed it up: Journey was an incredible band in the 80’s and then they were lost forever; you never heard about them……until Arnel showed up. I took my wife to see them in Hawaii with the construction worker. Horrendous. Arnel brought them back to life. Stop whining


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